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Zinzy Waleson Geene

Zinzy Waleson Geene


Pronouns: she/they

Zinzy Waleson Geene is designer, researcher, and facilitator building edtech products and resonant queer spaces.

Chat Nickname: zinzy



My name is Zinzy Waleson Geene, and I've been publishing things on the web, in a variety of formats and under a variety of names, since 1997. By day, I manage design and product at a Dutch start-up in educational technology. In the evening, I like to tinker with technologies, and maintain a digital garden that helps me write in a way that is less performative.


  • I'm fairly comfortable with my website's current interactive setup, so I'm moving into cleaning up the code and making it depend on Javascript less
  • I attended and very much enjoyed IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2022. It was good to see how curious, patient, and kind all attendees were.
  • I'm playing around with building my own static site generator, currently using a simple link Python script. It's a nice way to learn more about Python.

My IndieWeb setup is my home on the website.

The stack

I maintain a folder of Markdown notes, some public and many private, the public ones of which are compiled to HTML by a simple script.

To do

I used to maintain a to do list in this section, but I've moved it to the Itches section of my home page.