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A colophon is a page or section, like a footer, of a site that describes how the site is made, with what tools, supporting what technologies.



A colophon is a useful place to share the principles that govern your website. For instance, if you do not track users, or if you have taken specific precautions to protect privacy, you can list these principles on your colophon.

Having the key principles that govern your site in one place means that any user who visits does not need to read through the archives of your site or speak with you to understand what mattered most to you when you constructed your site.

IndieWeb Examples

Separate page:

Section of about page:

As part of the portfolio:


  • Most colophons appear to be short in length, in the spirit of the colophon style in publishing.
  • Colophons can list:
    • The technologies used to build a site
    • The length of time a site has been in operation
    • The principles governing the development of a site
    • privacy notices
    • Sustainability notices (see green computing)
    • ...

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