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A portfolio on the Indieweb is a professional web page (or collection thereof) targeted at paying customers/clients that often shows examples of work and projects.


You should put a portfolio on your site so people looking to hire you can see examples of your work. They can also serve as an archival copy of your past work on your site.


How to put (and markup) a portfolio on your site - there are many ways to do so - look for examples of others’ work and see what feels right to you.

Indieweb Examples

Shane Hudson

Shane Hudson has a portfolio on his site at https://shanehudson.net/work since about 2015-06-20. He intends to merge it into the front page of his site at https://shanehudson.net.

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki has a portfolio on his site at https://aaronparecki.com/projects/ since about 2016.

Martin Atkins

Martin Atkins' home page is a portfolio, the index page shows thumbnails and a short description, and links to a full page about each project.

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Silo Examples

Articles about portfolios

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