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Indieweb for Journalism is the application of Indieweb principles to one's personal site with a particular emphasis on use cases for journalists, photographers, editors, related bloggers and platforms which are publishing their work.

While the general principles of Indieweb can apply to anyone's site, in an attempt to help foster the next generation of potential Indieweb adopters who may be focused on areas of news, journalism, or distribution, we're compiling some specific hints, tips, pointers, and examples which may be germane to these particular audiences to assist in their motivation and adoption.

In addition to the material below, be sure to see getting started, which is an excellent place to start for all people.



Naturally any project could be used for journalism and related purposes, but the following either are geared toward them, or are heavily used by them and have a relatively rich ecosystem of additional functionality or plugins to expand their use specifically toward these areas. New users, particularly those of generations 2+ who may not be programmers/developers by nature may be advised to take a look at one or more of these for their base functionality.


Main article: WordPress

WordPress is a commonly used CMS in general, but there is a large and engaged community of journalists, magazines, newspapers, and other outlets using it. There are also a variety of use-case specific plugins and functionality.


The list below isn't specifically Indieweb related, but are plugins, some with an Indieweb flavor, which people interested in these areas may find useful.

Topics Getting Started on WordPressAdvanced WordPress Set UpPluginsThemesExamplesWordPress with BridgyDevelopmentDataSecurity
Primary Plugins Indieweb PluginWebmentionSemantic LinkbacksMicropubIndieAuthPost KindsSyndication LinksWebSub plugins
POSSE Plugins Social Network Auto PosterJetPack PublicizeBridgy PublishWP CrosspostTumblr CrosspostrMediumDiasposter
PESOS Plugins Keyring Social ImportersDsgnWrks Twitter ImporterDsgnWrks Instagram Importer
Other Plugins Webmention for (Threaded) CommentsIndieWeb Press ThisWordPress uf2OpenIDSimple LocationIndieweb ActionsPressForwardWhisperFollowblogroll2email
Themes SemPress • (SemPress Child Themes: SemPress Lite, SenPress, and Index) • Independent Publishermf2_s
Assistance Join the #indieweb chatIRC and other chat optionsWordPress Outreach ClubWordPress channel
See Also WordPress related wiki


Main article: Known

The Known CMS was built as an opensource Indieweb project from the ground up thus making it a convenient choice. See also: Getting Started with Known#Journalists

Indieweb Examples

A group of journalists and related people integrating Indieweb principles into their websites:


People working in the space and at least tangentially knowledgeable or aware of Indieweb or practicing some of the principles in the wild:

People are heartily encouraged to look into the depth and breadth of other examples on the pages spanning the remainder of the wiki.


Main article: POSSE

Indieweb Examples

Examples in the Wild


Main article: PESOS

Indieweb Examples


Main article: PASTA

Publish Anywhere, Save To (private) Archive is a workflow that many journalists may wish to do to maintain a personal portfolio of all of their work.

Indieweb Examples


Main article: annotations

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Articles relating to Indieweb and Journalism

Resources related to Journalism

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