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Annotations are comments (including marginalia), highlights or any other interactions that add to (part of) a post, typically added by individuals other than the author.


Use Cases

W3C Recommendations

On 2017-02-23 the W3C published several inter-related recommendations based on the notes of the Web Annotation Working Group. For some discussion on them, see Annotation is now a web standard post on blog.


Opinions about "annotation" (the process/action).

Just a means to an end

  • To me, annotation is just a means to an end, so talking about promoting annotation is mistaken. Promote the end *via* annotation. #force2016
    --William Gunn

Silo Examples

Other Annotation Related Projects

In 2016/2017 Hypothesis was maintaining an active spreadsheet of sites and services that enabled annotation on the internet.


Annotation Sites Enable Abuse

Many web-based annotation programs/applications only allow the communities or subgroups who are aware that they exist to see the annotations, thereby making them available for potential abuse.

See specifically:

Webmentions could be used to help remedy this potential problem:

See Also

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