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reactions refer to the subset of responses/interactions with a post that are quicker, more impulsive, but still a conscious act, typically a simple UI gesture without writing any content, such as likes (reacji), reposts, bookmarks, or perhaps multiple simple UI gestures, such as selection a text range and posting a quotation of part of a post, or picking a person from a list to post an invitation as a response to seeing an event.

Silo Examples


Facebook supports:

Facebook also refers to their reacji as "reactions":


The Tapestries

On The Tapestries, reactions include Like, Agree, Disagree, and various emoticons and emoji like <3 and :zap:


  • Nick Doty asks "is a citation a reaction"?
    • Tantek Çelik IMO no, since a citation usually implies considered inclusion and reference to support a specific point being made, rather than being impulsive.

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