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WordPress Troubleshooting is a list of things one can try when asking for help from the WordPress Outreach Club.

General Strategies

  • Introduce yourself in chat. We're all happy to help as we're able.
  • Ask your question or let us know what you're having trouble with.
  • There's no need to apologize for your skill level. We've all been where you are at some time or another.
  • Depending on the nature of your question, you may want to ask it in the main IndieWeb channel where the largest number of eyeballs will see it. If it's very specifically a WordPress related question then the WordPress channel may be the best location to post your question/problem.
  • Depending on their timezone, you can frequently summon one or more of the members of the WordPress Outreach Club by specifically mentioning their names/handles in the chat. Depending on your question and the person most likely to provide a quick answer, someone else in chat may do this for you.

Enable Debugging Mode

WordPress has a debugging mode that will give you a log of what is happening on parts of your site. This can often very quickly pinpoint problems and issues on your site. A quick web search for "WordPress Debugging mode" (sometimes along with your hosting provider's name) will provide a wealth of documentation and even videos on how to enable debugging mode.

You can download and activate the Debug Quick Look plugin which will allow users with administrative access their WordPress installation to view and/or purge the debug.log file kept inside the wp_content folder. The WP_DEBUG_LOG constant must be set to true.

It may often be helpful to create a GIST containing your debug log contents to share with one or more people so they can see what is going on within your site for troubleshooting purposes.

If you need help walking through any of the above, please don't hesitate to ask!! (Hopefully someone will come along and provide more detailed documentation here.)

Github repositories

Almost all of the WordPress related IndieWeb plugins have repositories on Github. A quick search of the wiki will usually turn up the correct one where you can search for current/past issues. Often someone will have encountered the problem you're having and its status and possible solution will be presented. If not, feel free to file your particular issue. Please try to give as much detail about what the problem is so we can be of the greatest assistance. Generally most maintainers or community members will respond within 24 hours. If you're in a rush, do feel free to join us in chat we may be able to get you help more quickly.

Debugging the Micropub Plugin

If you're having issues with the Micropub Plugin you can upload this linked code to your web server on an accessible path (perhaps something like http://example.com/authdiag.php). Navigate to it in the browser. Copy the URL from the address bar and paste it in the form. Run the test to see if your server gets Authorization headers. The page's response will also provide links to some additional troubleshooting steps potentially including: details relating to your server possibly stripping the Authorization header

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