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embargo is, in the context of the IndieWeb, the publishing practice of requiring exclusive rights to publish an article by an author on a publisher’s website, some amount of time (typically days, sometimes months) before the author publishes it on their own personal site.

IndieWeb Examples

Other Examples

  • AListApart has a two month embargo after publication in which the author may not reprint their article anywhere else—including their blog. The author retains copyright to thieir article’s content (though not the accompanying illustration, if it has one).


It would be nice if webmentions to an embargoed article could be backfed not only to the original (canonical) on the publisher's website, but if they could also be backfed to the author's copy. Perhaps this could be done via Bridgy with the appropriate use of scraping and cross-linking the permalink of the original to the author's copy by use of appropriate rel-canonical and rel-alternate tags on the original and the copy.

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