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How to transition from Twitter is an in-progress page providing a step-by-step path to switch from using Twitter to using the IndieWeb instead.

How to transition from Twitter to the IndieWeb

Nearly everything you can do on Twitter, you can do with your own personal site, like posting "tweets" (short notes), liking other posts, reposting other posts, all without the downsides of using Twitter like masquerading bots, misinformation, and harrasment campaigns. Many have successfully made this transition and you can too.

Easiest is an excellent replacement for the positive aspects of Twitter that many of us remember like sharing brief thoughts and thoughtful interactions, supported by a small, sustainable, and very supportive business ($5/month, free 10-day trial to try it out). Watch a 2 min intro:

If you have your own domain you can use it (or a subdomain) with your as well!

Get started with

Free-ish Fediverse is a Mastodon server that has free sign-ups and a Patreon that you should consider donating to help support its longevity.

Use your own CMS

See: Getting Started

Editing this page

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