From IndieWeb is a Mastodon instance that has (semi?)open sign-ups so anyone (like beyond the community) might have an account there, and was started with the intent of adding and enabling IndieWeb standards as proof of how Mastodon could federate with sites in general, beyond other Mastodon sites.


Is this associated with IndieWeb

Q: Is on Mastodon associated with the IndieWeb community?

A: is maintained by long time IndieWeb community members, and was created from discussions on the IndieWeb chat groups.

Like many related resources & services, it’s not a formal project of the IndieWeb community, yet is strongly aligned.

How can I support it

If you use (especially with an account!) consider supporting its Patreon:

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    • "#Admin #IndieWebSocial A thread: 🧵 With a few significant mid-level Mastodon servers shutting down ( - or just narrowly averting a shutdown ( - I thought it was necessary to make this note, which we sent to this server's patrons: "Indieweb.Social has been operational since 2019 and is a labor of love meant to be a lifeboat and incubator for the creation of a better social media ecosystem than what we have all experienced in recent years....1 of X" @tchambers February 16, 2023
    • "➡️ #Admin #Indiewebsocial With news of the probable launch of Meta's #Project92 I wanted to make clear this servers policy:"Don't preemptively strike meta w/ a fediblock, but stay vigilant with eyes wide open and a finger on the block button." The same as we do for all servers.They can be blocked instantly if they violate our terms of use, and as admins are in a far stronger position if we do so than vs before.I hope all #fediadmins to consider taking this same policy. 1 of X 🧵" @tchambers June 19, 2023