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DieselSweeties comic Hypertext Nostalgia Protocol starting with “I liked the internet better when it was websites.”

Nostalgia is when someone reflects on the past, a feeling that some IndieWeb community members show with regard to older, more user-friendly websites.

Subjects of Nostalgia

Members of the IndieWeb community, and those who have used the web since its early days, may feel nostalgic toward one of the following changes in the web:

  • The previous simplicity of websites.
  • The state of privacy on the web before advertising companies and trackers became mainstream.
  • A time when blogs dominated online conversations.
  • Add more...

In general, any attribute of the web that has been lost in time, or can no longer be experienced to the same degree on the modern web, can be a subject of nostalgia.

IndieWeb Examples


capjamesg is experimenting with a retro theme on his website. This theme is accessible at The retro theme is hosted on a subdomain because his site is static and the retro code involves HTML code changes. Implementing such a theme on a static site using JavaScript would be more difficult and would mean the layout of a page is contingent upon JavaScript loading, something capjamesg wants to avoid.

The retro theme is inspired by websites from the early 2000s web.

Here is an image of the retro site:

Ana Rodrigues

A while back I wrote wondering about why I feel nostalgia about the "old Web" and how it relates to my core values. [1]

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