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Categorisation / Collection & Media was a session at IndieWebCamp Edinburgh 2015.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/media


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Collections, categorisation and media

Edinburgh 2015


What about content that does not belong to the stream? Or that we also want to collect in a different way?

If we want to posts collections of content, there are layers to this:

  • How to present it
  • How to publish it
  • How to store it

How to divide things into eg. albums, collections, which might overlap or not.

Storage: what you publish as microformats is how you should store stuff for an easy way to get it back out again. Implicit types based on properties of post.

Depends on UI for posting data. If client has constraints or expects explicit post types you might have to hack on one end

Posts for adding something to a collection ("Fran has added a photo to this collection")

Publishing flow

  • Complicated...
  • upload lots of images, some have captions, some have locations..
  • How do you go from a directory of images to have metadata and have a nice looking collection out.
  • Fran: has a hack to do this at the moment. FIles in directory, send list of files to a text file, add tags, add captions. Good for scraping, can't really upload to something. Need something put in storage where they can be filtered etc.

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