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Flask is a minimal Python framework for writing web applications. It provides regex-based URL routing, templating via Jinja2, and request/response handling. Additional functionality is provided via extensions (e.g., ORM via Flask-SQLAlchemy). Because of its minimalism and flexibility, Flask is popular for writing API endpoints for larger applications.


There are a few reasons why you might want to use Flask for a website project:

  • Flask contains an extensive range of features that aid web development.
  • Flask is well documented.
  • It is comparatively easy to get a web application set up with Flask. It only takes a few lines of code to start rendering a HTML template.

IndieWeb Examples

  • Kyle Mahan's Red Wind is built on Flask
  • fluffy's Publ is built on Flask
  • capjamesg uses Flask for many of his IndieWeb projects, including his webmention receiver and Micropub endpoint.
  • IndieWeb Search, whose development is led by capjamesg uses two Flask apps: one for the public web application and another for interfacing with the Elasticsearch server on which the engine is based.

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