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coffee is frequently available at IndieWebCamps, and also one of the more common drink posts.


Sharing information about coffee on your website lets you show your interest in coffee to the world.

You can use your website to share your recipes with other people so they can learn from your skills. As you tinker with your recipe, you can post updates to your site so that people can see what you are learning and how you have arrived at your final recipe.

Using your website to talk about coffee may help you learn about coffee. You can write to reinforce your knowledge of the history, origins, and processes involved with coffee.

How to Display Coffee Wisdom

You may choose to share:

  • Brewing recipes marked up using h-recipe
  • Reviews of the coffees you are drinking using h-review
  • Blog posts about coffee
  • checkins of places where you have consumed coffee

One may choose to display their coffee interest in the form of a coffee log that documents all of the coffee they are drinking. This is different from a h-review because h-reviews imply a rating on a coffee. Those who enjoy speciality coffee may not believe a review or rating on a coffee is reasonable because coffees are only available for a limited time and will likely change from season to season.

In a coffee log, one may decide to document interesting facts about the coffee they are drinking. These include:

  • Where the coffee came from.
  • The way in which the coffee was processed.
  • The name of the roaster from whom the coffee was purchased.
  • The varietals in the coffee one is consuming.

IndieWeb Examples


capjamesg shares a list of all of the coffees he is drinking in his "drinking" log. This log is reserved for coffees.

James has also implemented the Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP) on a subdomain at This endpoint lets a website visitor make a digital coffee. The project supports all of the methods defined in the specification such as WHEN, BREW, and PROPFIND. This project was launched in November 2021.

James' coffee pot code is open source.


  • Coffee may be classed as a drink on a web page unless the consumer is particularly interested in drinking coffee.
  • Sharing coffee information is more interesting if you brew your own coffee or frequent coffee shops. Instant coffee is harder to make interesting on a website.

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