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Multi-Lingual Personal Websites was a pop-up IndieWeb meetup on Zoom held on 2023-10-22.



  • Representing two languages on a home page
    • Content length is a factor
    • Teaser sections in both languages that expands to the respective languages
  • Static vs. dynamic: how does that impact implementation?
    • progressive enhancement
  • Idea: different avatar pictures for different languages :)
  • 11ty i18n Docs have lots of recommendations
  • How would you pick a default language?
    • Accept-Language header -- some sites might not handle it properly?
  • Have a "switch to English/Scots/..."
  • Blog post with section on language switcher design
  • Denote if translations are human written or machine written
    • Have a notice that says how proficient one is
  • Using multi-lingual websites as a way to practice languages
    • Does one say "I wrote in X then translated into Y"
  • Blogging in different languages to help keep more obscure languages alive?
    • Motivations for writing blog posts in different languages
    • Practice
    • Expected readership? (i.e. writing about Germany politics for a German audience may mainly be read by Germans?)
    • Some things can only be expressed in certain languages
  • How should different language posts appear in a feed?
    • Could have a hierarchy (prefer x translation of a post, then show y)
    • Could have separate feeds per language
    • Post types might affect what users are okay with viewing (e.g. photos)
    • Feed readers could/should have language filtering options
    • Users don't always know how to set their post language
    • Open question: how well does language detection work on posts of microblog length?
    • Authoring applications should suggest post languages
    • Filtering based on language could cause you to miss posts
  • Do you announce when you start writing content in a new language?
  • Is there a box that shows up that says a post is available in multiple languages? Should this surface in a feed?
  • Could have a disclaimer on post in a language you are not fluent in.
  • Say when adding external links if the page is in a different language
    • There is a HTML attribute for destination language -- hreflang on links
    • Target hreflang with CSS to manipulate link appearance (i.e. put a German flag on a link if the link destination is in German)
  • Intersperse different languages in a post to help you convey a point that is easier to convey in a post?
  • "Internet English" - the dialect of English used on the web
  • Convey American vs. British vs. other dialects on one's blog?
  • Language switchers should be as soon in the page as possible
    • Helpful for screen readers
    • Helpful for visual users
    • How do screen readers handle alternate languages? (open question)
  • <link rel=alternate hreflang> indicates when a site is available in other languages
  • Google Search Language documentation
  • Languages may involve more localization (i.e. dates, "written by")
  • Set og:locale if you are using open graph
  • Set <html lang=en/es/...> on a page
  • HTTP Accept-Language Header
  • Netlify language header redirect documentation
  • Eleventy and Netlify Internationalization blog post

Pablo Morales uses a language setting for individual posts to differentiate for readers, search engines, etc to know that the page itself is another language

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