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IndieWeb Summit 2019 is June 29-30, 2019 (Saturday & Sunday), in Portland, Oregon; the ninth annual gathering for independent web creators of all kinds, graphic artists, designers, UX engineers, coders, hackers, to share ideas, create & improve their personal websites, and build upon each others creations.

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All participants must agree to:


  • Please reach out to an organizer during the event for any reason, especially if you feel unsafe or unwelcome or feel members are not living up to the standards we set out for ourselves in the above code and guidelines:

Questions about attending and participating?

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Main article: IndieWeb Summit 2019 Schedule
  • Friday June 28th
    • morning: 2019/Organizers
    • evening: pre-party open to all (friends and guests welcome!)
Day 1 Discussing Day 2 Making
Day 1 is about discussing in a BarCamp-like environment. Bring a topic you'd like to discuss or join in on topics as they are added to the board. Day 2 is about making things on and for your personal site! Work with others or on your own.


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Nearby Events

June 25-30 will be an exciting IndieWeb Week! Check out these events while you’re in town!

Most are either organized by others or informal or both and a chance to get to know the local community beyond IndieWeb. Events associated with the IndieWeb Summit have a yellow background.

  • 2019-06-25 Tuesday
  • 2019-06-26 Wednesday
  • 2019-06-27 Thursday
  • 2019-06-28 Friday evening: IndieWeb pre-summit social meetup
  • 2019-06-30 Sunday night karaoke after the Summit!

IndieWeb Organizers!

Travel and Lodging


✈️ PDX Airport. If you are flying to Portland, Oregon, PDX is the airport you want.

Public Transit

🚈 From the PDX airport, the MAX will drop you off downtown a few blocks from the venue. It costs $2.50 for a ticket. You can pay via ApplePay, Android Pay, or by buying a ticket at a machine. Public Transit directions

Lyft or Uber

🚙 You can also take Lyft or Uber from the airport, they will pick you up in the lower level, in a section named "Transportation Network Companies." The cost will be about $18-22 for UberX. More info on the Uber blog.


🚕 If you want to take a local cab, Aaron Parecki recommends calling Radio Cab (503-227-1212) when you are just outside security, and they will meet you in the lower level for pickup. Alternately, there is usually a line of cabs ready to take people in the lower level.


🏫 Here are a few nearby recommended hotels:


  • add yourself here if you are interested in sharing a room with others!

AirBnB or Couchsurfing

🏡 Some alternatives to hotels are

Attractions and other activities

If you have favorite things in Portland to recommend, please add them!

Food and drink

  • 🍩 Blue Star Donuts has SIX Portland locations now (including apparently one at the airport).
  • 🍜 Prasad makes excellent vegan bowls (and is connected with a yoga studio)
  • 🍜 The Whole Bowl also makes excellent vegan bowls



  • 👾 Ground Kontrol has a good set of video games and pinball machines

Remote Participation

Here is how you can participate in IndieWeb Summit remotely!

  • discuss - Join the chat room via IRC, Slack or Matrix.
    • This is the primary communications channel during the two day event. This is the best way to talk with other participants and see what's going on.
  • 2019/Schedule - Keep an eye on the schedule grid for links to the livestreams and Zoom rooms
    • Keynotes will be streamed live on Twitch, you do not need an account or app to view the keynotes
    • Sessions will be available using Zoom, which you can download ahead of time. This will let you participate in the sessions.
  • Introductions will be held Saturday morning (Portland time)
    • As a remote participant, please introduce yourself in the chat and we will share all remote intros in person
    • Please answer the following prompts:
      • What is my Domain? Why
      • What is one cool thing you did?
      • What is the next thing you want to try?
    • You can type your answers directly into the chat, or feel free to post on your website and share a link!
  • If you would like to propose a session as a remote attendee, ping (TBD) to act as your in-person proxy during schedule creation on Saturday
  • Please register for the Remote Participation ticket on https://2019.indieweb.org/summit


Blog and post about IndieWeb Summit! See what others are posting: http://tagboard.com/indieweb

  • ...


See the Project Goals for what people want to work on at IndieWeb Summit.

After IndieWeb Summit, see what the attendees built and demoed!



Want to help out?

  • Want to help co-organize? Contact Aaron Parecki or Tantek Çelik in meta discussion channel!
  • Contact an organizer or sign-up to Volunteer below!
  • Check the #To-do list below to see if there's something you can help out with.


Main article: 2019/Planning#Volunteers

🤗 Participated in an IndieWebCamp and want to help out new folks? Or just passionate to help out any way you can? Add yourself here!

See 2019/Planning#Volunteers for a list of volunteer tasks.


Moved to 2019/Planning#Invitations


Put suggestions for IndieWeb Summit 2019 here.

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Questions for Organizers

Add your questions and requests below

  • ...


Organizers: see 2019/Planning#To-do.



Main article: 2019/Photos


Main article: 2019/Planning


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