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IndieWeb Summit 2019 Photos from any and all participants in the Summit and adjacent events! Please add photos in the dates taken, preferably in rough time order, using subsections for sessions etc.

Friday June 28

Saturday June 29

This weekend at the Indie Web Summit in Portland, Oregon was a blast. We learned from each other and shared ideas on how to build our site. We collaborated and learned how to integrate social features and plugins into our personal site. Goodbye Facebook, Twitter, and giant corporations. Hello Indie Web!

IndieWeb Summit Animated group photo of about 50 participants sitting and standing together in a few rows in the Mozilla Portland office, waving their hands like jazz hands

Check-in and mingling


Pronoun pins and stickers at the registration table

Tiara staffing the registration desk

Lillian handing out t-shirts


A few participants including DonP at IndieWeb Summit

David Bryant at IndieWeb Summit


Organizers Tantek, Tiara, Aaron kicking off IndieWeb Summit


On Saturday we enjoyed keynote presentations in the morning. We took a break for lunch then came back to Mozilla for BarCamp style sessions.


Kitt speaking at IndieWeb Summit



Marty speaking on mobile web at IndieWeb Summit

Marty smiling while speaking at IndieWeb Summit

Marty keynoting at Indie Web Summit

Marty keynoting at Indie Web Summit


Jacky speaking at IndieWeb Summit

Jacky speaking at IndieWeb Summit



Introductions and Demos

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At Indie Web Summit

At Indie Web Summit

At Indie Web Summit

At Indie Web Summit

At Indie Web Summit

At Indie Web Summit

At Indie Web Summit

BarCamp Session Planning

At Indie Web Summit

Ariana writing a session proposal card

Lillian putting a session card on the wall

At Indie Web Summit

Jacky proposing a session

David Shanske proposing a session



At Indie Web Summit

At Indie Web Summit

At Indie Web Summit

Jonathan LaCour sitting on a couch working on his iPad



Final Session Grid


Sunday June 30

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Animated day 2 group photo


Fluffy types on their awesome light up computer

Indie Web Summit organizers

John and Jared says hello


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