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Create Day March 2022 was a one-day virtual IndieWebCamp held on 2022-03-05.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/IWCCreateDay-2022-03-05

Indieweb Create Day March 2022
When: 2022-03-05 09:00-17:00 Pacific

Participants and Plans

David Shanske

  • Continue with project to own bookmarks
  • Test Site - wpdev.gwg.us
  • Thoughts on Ticket Auth implementation possibilities...Dumped to TIcket Auth on wiki.
    • Alice has a feed containing public and private posts. By default, fetching it only returns the public posts. You need a token/auth to get everything. Alice decides she wants her friend Bob to get the entire feed. So, her site sends a ticket to Bob's ticket endpoint, which redeems it for a token that can access the feed. How does Alice know to send Bob the ticket? Either, solely because Bob is her friend(unsolicited) or because she monitors who is subscribed to her feed somehow and wants to offer him the enhanced version. Assuming Bob's feed reader is tightly integrated with his site and ticket endpoint, if it gets a ticket for something it subscribes to, it should automatically start fetching the feed with the token to get the enhanced version. Alternatively, if Bob doesn't subscribe to Alice's feed already, his site can decide if it wants to fetch it and put it in a special Microsub channel for unsolicited invitations, a moderation flow, etc.
    • Alice has a single private post. She wants to share it with Bob. So her site sends a ticket to Bob's ticket endpoint. Bob can then redeem it and decide what to do with the subject...the same option as for a feed above.
    • Alice has an h-card that contains private elements. She wants Bob to have the enhanced version. She sends a ticket to Bob, and Bob's site redeems it, identifies it as an h-card, and updates/enhances his nickname cache with the information.
    • Carol has decided to send a ticket for everyone who logs into her website and will decide what that token can unlock specifically later on



  • Tinkering on slysalamander.com: ✓h-card, ✓site nav, web components

Anthony Ciccarello

  • Add ability to post notes

David Somers [omz13]

  • Tinkering with https://toolbox.imoxia.com - clean up authorization server metadata discovery (display/download jwks as PEM?); for resource fetch automatically use any bearer previously made available via ticket auth; for resource fetch dump content as mf?

Jacky Alciné

Tracy Durnell

Angelo Gladding

  • automate launch of code in current repo to domain hosted on cloud machine


  • finish Last.fm integration on music collection microsite

Chris Aldrich

  • Quietly experimenting in the background on getting a simple site set up with Blot to host my zettelkasten notes from Obsidian so that they properly backlink to each other.
  • Got https://notes.boffosocko.com/ set up and displaying a subset of notes. Still working on formatting and layout.
  • Up next: a better theme for notes and some basic microformats, integration into anagora.org.


We will open the Zoom at 9AM Pacific Time, or earlier for anyone who wishes it on another timezone.

  • At 9AM, we will have Intros and optionally Site Demos, and ask people to share what they want to work on with those in attendance before we get down to work.
  • Noon-1PM Pacific - Bring Your Own Lunch and Touch Base with the Other Attendees
  • 4PM-5PM - Optionally Demo What You Built
  • After that, there is no expectation that you stay the whole day...pop in and out as you wish.

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