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IndieAuth 2 2021 is an IndieWebCamp Pop-ups 2021 session and the 2nd IndieAuth session of 2021..


At the end of the last IndieAuth protocol session, there was a discussion of following up in a few weeks to finish what we could not. This popup IndieWebCamp session will continue the discussion to iterate and evolve the IndieAuth protocol.


Followup from the previous session

Possible Topics

  • Make IndieAuth token introspection endpoint credentialed, so it is clear that this should only be used by Resource Servers. While there was a consensus on adopting the token introspection endpoint request and response, we did not conclude on authentication.
    • Authentication is likely to be required, but in practice, requires further investigation (see below)
      • Aaron Parecki would like this to be some sort of dynamic client registration / "enrollment" that happens automagically when i.e. setting up a relationship with Aperture
      • Discussion as to whether i.e. Aperture / other shared platforms could lead to needing some out-of-band authentication sharing - follow-up investigation required
      •   Jamie Tanna notes that, while integrating his IndieAuth server with OAuth2 clients, he found that the token_endpoint (not the token introspect endpoint, as mentioned on the call) may require `client_id` to be retrieved from `Authorization: Basic ...`, depending on how they work
      •   Jamie Tanna has implemented this, and integrated this using the Spring Security and rack-oauth2 OAuth2 clients, and allows for using empty authentication (which could then be HTTP Basic Auth)
  • Client Information Discovery improvements.
  • Discuss whether IndieAuth adopt resource indicators(https://github.com/indieweb/indieauth/issues/82) as a notation, and note any specific considerations for IndieAuth. Even though Ticket Auth prompted this, this is not specifically a Ticket Auth issue.
  • Introduce OAuth Server Metadata https://github.com/indieweb/indieauth/issues/43