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IndieWebCamp Brighton 2016

There is a growing awareness of the importance of owning your data. To help people get started, we're meeting for a bar-camp like collaboration in Brighton for two days of brainstorming, working, teaching, and helping.

Join us at the fifth annual IndieWebCamp Brighton and learn how to use open web technologies to empower and – maybe more importantly – encourage users to own their own content and identities.

You can read about Indie Web Camp 2014 and Indie Web Camp 2015 in Brighton to get a feel for what you can expect from this splendid event.


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Main article: 2016/Brighton/Schedule

Friday 23rd

It might be a nice idea for the early birds arriving on the Friday before to meet-up somewhere? Dinner? Pub?

Martijn van der Ven showed an interest for this on IRC. Get in touch with him there: Zegnat. Or use webmentions against his website: http://vanderven.se/martijn/, as he refuses to resurrect Twitter for communications (even during IWC).

Joschi Kuphal, Julie Anne Noying and Isabel Forester are in town as of Sept 22nd. Ping Joschi on Twitter (@jkphl) to hook up with them, he know's quite some dinner places and pubs around.

Saturday 24th


  • Micropub Plugfest

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IndieWebCamp Brighton Day 1 Participants animated

IndieWebCamp Brighton Day 1 Participants

And before lunch: iwc-brighton-2016.gif

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Main article: IndieWebCamp Brighton 2016 Planning

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