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IndieWeb Black Friday Create Day — Build Don't Buy was a one-day virtual IndieWebCamp Create Day held on 2023-11-24.



Intros and Goals

  • capjamesg - improving maps section on his website
  • Pablo Morales is setting up a podcast https://lifeofpablo.com/podcast and setup a style guide and setup an interactive site
  • Patrick
    • custom theme for my micro.blog site, mossymaker.com
    • about page
  • Sara Jakša - writting a fanfiction in a Moriarty the Patriot (japanese alternative retelling of the Sherlock Holmes and James Bond, concetrating on the James Moriarty), and the Hurt/Comfort story I am writting is when the main character temporarily loses sight and hearing
  • gRegor Morrill
  • Al
    • light design touchups (dark mode, typography, new logo)
    • reach goal for dev stuff (writing archives & RSS)
  • Tracy Durnell is working on implementing some items on her website wishlist https://tracydurnell.com/website-wishlist/
    • I love the idea of having a website wishlist! (James)
    • turned on threaded comments and fixed styling
    • investigated Webmention styling
    • resolved admin emails going to spam
    • added arrow to external links in blog posts (why isn't the external link symbol in unicode 😑)
    • added sidenotes and fixed positioning on mobile and desktop
    • added custom styles for pullquotes and terminology
    • created style guide page
  • Angelo Gladding is working on issue posts
  • jo - updating my dream diary page (gemini) and maybe adding a festive/winter style to my website
  • Joe Crawford
    • I have my h-card in the footer to be working - used https://indiewebify.me/validate-h-card/ and it's great - I made changes to my footer that blew away several of the bits of markup I had before
    • I got distracted and tried PabloDraw - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PabloDraw - https://picoe.ca/products/pablodraw/ - which is more of a tool for Demoscene image creation but also can be used to create ASCII art
    • First Second Third goal is to validate that the markup I have on individual posts for indieweb is correct... and I was able to use https://indiewebify.me/ to update the single post - canonical urls for my blog posts so that they show satisfactory data when run against indiewebify against it.

Troubleshooting CSS for sidenote positioning:


San Diego airport piano? https://pianos.pub/piano/d67221ef

microformats and why to use them in posts:

Pablo's podcast feed

Monocle feed reader: Monocle

IndieAuth Breakout

Default Apps: https://defaults.rknight.me/ Compared to /uses: https://uses.tech/


gRegor Morrill Speaking of clothing, I learned recently about anti-paparazzi clothing that tricks the camera:

For Angelo Gladding The Made in Oakland - The guy who owns it was telling us about the underground Mario scene https://www.themade.org/ Also cool place to be

Pixel Planet Today if you like environmental posts https://www.pixelplanettoday.com/

For Angelo Gladding Modern browsers, when rendering a pixel art it does compression to lose the "pixelation - https://smorgasborg.artlung.com/image-upsizing-with-svg/ - https://github.com/meyerweb/flaming-shame/ is a tool to turn a pixel art GIF into a SVG that can be upsized without losing the pixel blockiness

Analog Video/Photography - https://lifeofpablo.com/photography/filming-minidv-sf

This Week in the IndieWeb: this-week-in-the-indieweb


History of IndieWeb: founders

"I just want fish inside soft bread" - David Shanske


Starting at 16:30 Pacific

capjamesg (demo'd early):

David Shanske:

gRegor Morrill:

Tracy Durnell:

Jacky Alciné:

Angelo Gladding:

Joe Crawford:


  • Has dark mode on a few pages with most traffic
  • light mode has some alternating color sections, toggling dark mode gets rid of some of those or makes dark gray / black alternating sections

Pablo Morales:

Taco sidebar: https://allthetacos.com/ by IndieWeb member Taco Dave - incredibly both both tacoboxd.com and tacoboxed.com are domains that are available.

Jo https://dead.garden:

  • Updated dream journal on Gemini
  • showing off proxy version of Gemini site, has a guestbook and social media profile on there as well

Tilde.club sidebar:

https://cosmic.voyage collaborative sci-fi fiction

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