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IndieWeb movement and terminology

2010: The IndieWeb "movement" (as much as two people getting together and naming something is a "movement") was started by:

after they both attended the 2010-07-18 Federated Social Web Summit in Portland, Oregon and decided what they wanted was a different focus, a focus on:

  • creators instead of talkers - people that create design/UX/code instead of just email/chat about it.
  • selfdogfooding - using your creations on your own website that represents your primary self
  • own your data - owning what you author by publishing it first on your own site, and only later copying to silos

Tantek Çelik and Aaron Parecki decided to use the term "IndieWeb" or phrase "Indie Web" to refer to this new focus and effort.

IndieWebCamp founded

2011: The next year they joined forces with Amber Case & Crystal Beasley and organized the first IndieWebCamp in Portland Oregon on 2011-06-25 and 2011-06-26.

History of IndieWebCamps

2019 AustinNew HavenDüsseldorf9th annual IndieWeb Summit (Portland) • More being planned!
2018 BaltimoreDüsseldorf8th annual IndieWeb Summit (Portland)SFOxfordNYCNürnbergBerlinMaybe SF2!
2017 BellinghamDüsseldorfNürnberg7th annual IndieWeb Summit (Portland)DortmundIstanbulNYCBerlinAustin
2016 NYCMITNürnbergDüsseldorf6th annual IndieWeb Summit (Portland)NYC2BrightonLABerlinMIT2
2015 Cambridge MAGermany5th annual in Portland & BrightonEdinburghMITSF
2014 SFNYCPortland/NYC/BerlinUKCambridge MAOnline
2013 PortlandUKHollywood
2012 PortlandUK
2011 Portland

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