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The Federated Social Web Summit was an annual event from 2010-2012.

Portland 2010

The first Federated Social Web Summit (FSWS) was held on 2010-07-18 (FSWS2010) in Portland, Oregon organized primarily by StatusNet (Evan Prodromou and Jon Phillips in particular). W3C redirect/archive link

Federated Social Web Summit 2010 Group Photo

The event was invitation-only, however the barrier to receive an invitation was quite low.


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Talks given by folks at FSWS2010 who subsequently went on to do IndieWebCamp:


Articles, blog posts, and notes about the summit in time sequence order (earliest first)

Inspired IndieWebCamp

Aaron Parecki and Tantek Çelik both participated in FSWS2010 and from that event were inspired to co-found IndieWebCamp, starting with the Freenode #indiewebcamp IRC channel and the wiki. Aaron and Tantek used IRC and the wiki to organize IndieWebCamp 2011 along with additional co-founders Amber Case and Crystal Beasley.

Berlin 2011

The second Federated Social Web Summit was held 2011-06-03…05 in Berlin, Germany and organized by the W3C Federated Social Web Interest Group.

It was organized in the tradition of W3C workshops with a CFP, white-paper submissions etc. but again with explicit invitations to several projects and groups.

Notes and posts:

San Francisco 2012

The third Federated Social Web Summit (FSWS2012) was a one day event held in San Francisco, California on 2012-10-26 and organized by the W3C Federated Social Web Community Group.

This summit was also invitation-only for implementers[1], however, quite "knockable", that is, merely asking for an invitation and providing a reasonable statement of interest (why you should be there) would result in receiving an invitation.

Numerous IndieWebCamp 2011 and 2012 participants attended and spoke at FSWS2012.


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  • #fsws (constrain searches to the year 2012)

Notes and posts:

The use of h-as-* class names for explicit posts typing using ActivityStreams object types appears to have started at this summit[2], which have subsequently been discouraged.

Other pages created on same wiki as FSWS2012 for attempts related to FSWS discussions:

  • SOCML Proposal - defunct attempt at an XML format (like Atom, but completely new) that attempted to "standardize social media content such that independent developers can create their own services that can share and aggregate data under a common standard"
  • ...


There was no Federated Social Web Summit in 2013.

The closest thing to it was 2013/osfw3c, AKA:


There was no Federated Social Web Summit in 2014 (nor any subsequent year)

The W3C Launched the Social Web Working Group which subsequently standardized a bunch of IndieWeb building blocks such as Webmention, Micropub, WebSub, and published notes for Post Type Discovery, IndieAuth and closed in early 2018.

The phrase "Federated Social Web" was rarely used thereafter.

Domain redirect and loss

The domain federatedsocialweb.net was redirected at some point (when?) to https://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/federatedsocialweb/wiki/ and eventually the federatedsocialweb.net was abandoned and then squatted by an unrelated entity.

Links starting with http: or https: to federatedsocialweb.net/ can be autolinked to https://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/federatedsocialweb/wiki/ with the remainder of their path.

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