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IndieWebCamp Utrecht 2019

IndieWebCamp Utrecht 2019 is 18-19 May 2019, the first IndieWebCamp in Utrecht!

The importance of owning your data is getting more awareness every year. But there is still a lot of work to do to help people to understand what the IndieWeb is and “owning your data” actually means at all. Besides the growth, there is also the need to start building bridges to other areas of interest where the IndieWeb principles can be of importance. To start connecting, building bridges, find the others and to help people getting started, we're meeting for a bar-camp like collaboration in Utrecht for two days of brainstorming, working, collaborating, teaching, helping and much more.

Food and drinks: We are looking for sponsors!

See Planning for latest planning details and progress.



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Questions about attending and participating?

Explore who else is coming (first names and website)


Main article: 2019/Utrecht/Schedule

Pre-IWC Meetup and small dinner on Fridaynight May 17th. Please add your name below if you want to join.

We have a 19:30 reservation at restaurant Kantien, Ravellaan 96 Utrecht (OpenStreetMap). You can get there by bike, walking or tram.

We might also visit Awesome Space afterwards for some retrogaming and arcadefun?

Day 1: Discussions Day 2: Hacking

09:00 Organizer setup
09:30 Doors Open - Coffee, Tea
10:00 Welcome, Introductions and Demos
11:30 Sessions
13:05 Group Photo & Lunch (provided)
14:05 Sessions
18:00 End of Day 1

09:00 Organizer setup
09:30 Doors Open - Coffee, Tea
10:00 Day 2 kick-off
10:30 Hack sessions
12:45 Lunch (provided)
14:00 Hack sessions continue
15:30 Demos
16:45 Clean-up
17:00 Camp closed

Day 1 is about discussing in a BarCamp-like environment. Bring a topic you'd like to discuss or join in on topics as they are added to the board.

Day 2 is about implementing what we discussed. Work with others or on your own. We'll have demos at the end of the day to see what everyone worked on!


Main article: 2019/Utrecht/Schedule

Individual Session wiki pages


Venue sponsor


Shoppagina, Shoppagina is providing the venue during the two days.

With Shoppagina you can create and start your webshop in 5 minutes. You create your own online shop with live previews of various templates to add your products. You can fulfill the complete order from the Shoppagina CMS.

Become a sponsor?

We are currently looking for lunch sponsors for this event.


  • Organizers: Frank Meeuwsen, Ton Zijlstra
  • Want to help out?
    • Contact an organizer or sign-up to Volunteer below!
    • Check the Volunteer tasklist below to see if there's something you can help out with.


Volunteer tasks: (feel free to grab one and put it next to your name in the list above!)

  • setting up the stickers / pins / name badges table (and checking it regularly)
  • setting up the session grid rows and columns in a good spot (see 2018/Düsseldorf as an example)
  • help out with lunch set up

Questions for Organizers

Add your questions and requests below

  • ...


Put suggestions for IndieWebCamp Utrecht here.

  • Note to self: Bring plenty of stroopwafels for our overseas visitors. 😆



IWC Utrecht 2019 attendees outside, Saturday

IWC Utrecht 2019 attendees outside after the event, Sunday

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