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Basic info

Planning for IndieWebCamp Utrecht 2019.

Archived from Planning

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 18/19 May 2019 (organisers Frank Meeuwsen and Ton Zijlstra)

Dates confirmed, venue confirmed. See 2019/Utrecht

Interested in Attending:

Things to check

Checked with venue

  • Access through gates on the weekends > There will be a pedestrian/bicycle gateway open for both days. Access with a car and parking will be done by phone. This number will be communicated on signage
  • WiFi and/or LAN > Available and ready to use
  • Use of kitchen area > We can use the kitchen area. There is a microwave, there are enough cups and glasses for approx 20 people. We'll bring paper cups as well. Just in case.
  • Use of beamer and TV > There is a beamer + screen and a TV we can use for demo's. We would have to see how to setup for intro's on Saturday.
  • Number of seats > There are approx 20 chairs and a few comfy couches.
  • How to divide the space for breakout sessions > No need for the space to divide. We also have an extra small space available (3-4 people max) for small breakouts
  • What's the latest we can use the space (for Eurovision viewing) - Unfortunately we have to leave the offices around 7-8PM. It's adviced to check somewhere in town. We can figure out how to combine this with group dinner?

Arrange ourselves

  • Stroopwafels
  • Lunch and dinner arrangements
  • Laminated prints with directions for various places around the venue
  • Groceries for coffee, tea and other stuff
  • Photography policy
  • Bring extra paper cups (just in case)
  • Bring extra socket extension power cord.
  • Eurovision viewing party for Martijn van der Ven (Not precisely IWC related, but time related!)

Check with others