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Neil Mather


I am running my site on WordPress with the indieweb plugins.


I use Indigenous for Android as a mobile Micropub client.

I use the Omnibear extension in Firefox to bookmark and like posts, and also to write new notes.

I sometime use shpub to post notes from the command line.

For post types that I can't currently post via Micropub (e.g. reads, jams), I will post from the WordPress interface, with all the heavy work done by the post kinds plugin.


Currently I only POSSE to Mastodon. I use the Mastodon Autopost WP plugin, and I added a simple syndication target to my theme functions.php (gist here) so I can syndicate when using Micropub.


I use a hosted Aperture account at to manage Microsub subscriptions. I read them with Indigenous.

Following people

I follow blogs that I'm interested in by adding their RSS feeds to Aperture.

I follow indieweb peeps by subscribing to their microformats feeds.

I follow people on Twitter by using to create an atom feed for individual users, and adding these feeds into an Aperture channel.


I use a customised version of SemPress.


  • Some of my post types don't display very well (e.g. bookmarks, likes)
  • My replies sent via webmention are a mess on the receiving site (e.g. my reply here:
  • Possibly change my theme to a child theme, so I keep up to date with latest SemPress updates
  • DONE: I need to update to the latest versions of Micropub (2.0) and Post Kinds (3.1.1) plugins on my site


  • Get syndication links working for when I POSSE to Mastodon.
  • Figure out a way to play my jams page as a streaming playlist
  • POSSE bookmarks to Wallabag (or PESOS)
  • Filter out likes/bookmarks from my homepage stream, but still have an 'All' page (like
  • PESOS my parkrun times to my own site