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Indigenous for Android is a native app for Android and currently in early development that supports posting your website using Micropub and a built-in reader that supports Microsub.

The project is under active development by Kristof de Jaeger and is available on Google Play and F-Droid. The source code can be found on GitHub. There is also an iOS version.

IndieWeb Usage

People currently using Indigenous for Android on their sites.

If you have ideas/know of bugs, feel free to open up issues here:


These features are currently available

  • Multiple accounts
  • Posting content to your site: note, article, reply, like, bookmark, repost, event, rsvp, issue, checkin, geocache
  • Send an image to the media endpoint (if available)
  • Save as draft to finish later
  • Upload multiples images, add tags where relevant
  • Get / refresh syndication targets
  • Send location on note, article and event
  • Read posts from your site and optionally update or delete them
  • Share (direct) from other applications to Indigenous
  • Reader (optional): Overview of channels, reading the timeline and direct actions like reply, like.
  • Manage channels and feeds directly from the app
  • Push notifications via

Screenshots of the app

Below are some screenshots of the app.

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