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Christopher James Willcock


Pronouns: he/him/his

IT Manager in Healthcare; programming is my sole proprietorship

Chat Nickname: cjw6k

Hello. I'm Chris.

I have a website at that runs a software I made called webfoo. It includes an indieauth server and a micropub server. I'm working on adding webmentions lately.

Webfoo has no UI except a Log Out button. I make all my posts with micropub clients. For editing I use vim directly on the webserver or notepad++ via winscp. Micropub clients I am so happy to be able to use include:

I wrote an mf2 parser as a PHP extension and am writing an HTML parser as a PHP extension. Neither one has a stable version. Webfoo gives me a use case.

I self-publish the software I author and own, at

I am not a member of any silos. You won't find me on GitHub, Twitter etc. That may change again sometime. Not soon probably. Joined github, but otherwise I'm silo independent.

I'm in chat too, cjw6k.


  • Login to the wiki with WebFoo. Done!
  • Post to my site and follow others in a reader with Indigenous for Android Done!
  • Login with my vita.
  • Post comments from my CV domain.
  • Send outgoing webmentions automatically when I post content on my own site to participate with content authors around the web, especially IndieWeb folks.