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Indigenous for iOS is a native app for iOS that supports posting your website using Micropub and a built-in reader that supports Microsub.

The project is under active development by Eddie Hinkle and is available on the iOS App Store and the source code can be found on GitHub. There is also an Android version.

IndieWeb Usage

People currently using Indigenous for iOS on their sites.

If you have ideas/know of bugs, feel free to open up issues here:

Screenshots of the app

Below are some screenshots of the app in progress.

Preview of Current Indigenous Functionality

Share Sheet changes based on the type of content found on the page after using mf2 parsing 339px-indigenous_share_micropub_entry.png 339px-indigenous_share_micropub_event.png

V1 Features

All Bold Text is currently available in the beta.

  • Share Sheet Support
  • Posting
    • Posting note
      • Add location, Add photo using a micropub media endpoint, Add categories, Add syndication targets, Add person-tags (using micropub query)
    • Voice posting for notes using Siri
  • Reader
    • Displays all Microsub channels
    • Preview of all posts in a channel
      • Filter posts by different attributes
      • Set specific views for different channels
        • Gallery View, Map View, News View, Stream View
    • View original source URL
    • Respond to posts, Like, Bookmark, Reacji Shortcuts, Reply
  • Supporting multiple micropub accounts with a default one selected
  • Notifications

Examples of Micropub Posts Sent


POST /micropub HTTP/1.1
Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded



POST /micropub HTTP/1.1
Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded



POST /micropub HTTP/1.1
Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Future Development Ideas

  • macOS Photos App Project to allow the development of a photo album that would be posted as photo posts as part of a collection More context in the IRC.

This is a syndicated copy of the Indigenous project page.