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Indigenous for Android is a native app for Android and currently in early development that supports posting your website using Micropub and a built-in reader that supports Microsub.

The project is under active development by Kristof de Jaeger and is available on Google Play and the source code can be found on GitHub. You can also install manually by going to the release section on GitHub. There is also an iOS version.

IndieWeb Usage

People currently using Indigenous for Android on their sites.

If you have ideas/know of bugs, feel free to open up issues here:


These features are currently available

  • Multiple accounts
  • Posting content to your site: note, article, reply, like, bookmark, repost, event, rsvp, issue
  • Send an image to the media endpoint (if available)
  • Save as draft to finish later
  • Upload a single image, add tags where relevant
  • Get / refresh syndication targets
  • Send location on note, article and event
  • Read posts from your site and optionally update or delete them
  • Share (direct) from other applications to Indigenous
  • Reader (optional): Overview of channels, reading the timeline and direct actions like reply, like etc.

Screenshots of the app

Below are some screenshots of the app.

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