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Ton Zijlstra


Pronouns: he/him/his

Ton Zijlstra is an entrepreneur, consultant and speaker living in Amersfoort, Netherlands. His IndieWeb interest is in how it creates additional agency for people.

Chat Nickname: tonz

Elsewhere: ,  @ton_zylstra , GitHub

Ton Zijlstra / tonz

Into Networked Agency, which requires not just the web but also other technologies and methods to have much lower thresholds and be outside of silos, so that my neighbours can use it easily, and as a group find agency through it.

Online daily since 1989, blogging since 2002 at (had a personal site before that for some years, which webarchive traces back to early 1998)

I co-organised IndieWebCamp Utrecht 2019 and IndieWebCamp Amsterdam 2019 with Frank Meeuwsen, and attended Indie Web Camp Nuremberg 2018.

Current efforts:

  • Trying to change the set-up of my site to not be a blog, nor be a wiki, but some intermediate form.
  • Bringing home slides (I deleted my own and my company's Slideshare and Scribd accounts).
  • Delete 3rd party tracking from my site, meaning removing any silo embeds.
  • Thinking about an online IndieWebCamp Netherlands in late 2022.
  • created a basic personal micropub client to post to my WordPress site. Slowly adding personal use cases / work flows. I'm treating it as a personal 'narrow bandwidth' tool. I know my own workflows and predictable tasks, as well as my own context precisely. Combined they are basically functions, with the parameters to pass to them. This means I don't need to cover every eventuality / if-then situation in a micropub client. I only need to cover a limited set of things I do myself, and for which I know the parameters in detail.