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dylan harris


... a broad brit abroad ...

dylan harris


I'm dylan harris, arts & ego is my identity website. It's been online, in one form or another, since 1996. It's currently got 47G of content, including ... oh, I won't bore you with that.

I visited last year's indieweb camp in berlin, and came away fired up to introduce webmentions. I promptly translated the site, instead, into four languages, badly. That summerises how it's been built: if it were a house, it'd have 7 wings, secret passages, fake ghosts, real cobwebs, naughty kitties, and a cellar running a cloud data centre, backwards.

More than once, I've looked at the various CMSs, and more than once I've rejected them for not providing me the precise control & freedom of layout that I want. In consequence, everything is laid out entirely to my own sensibility, a bizarre combination of strange ideas and ancient mistakes. It certainly shows off my own ignorance of standards.

to do

arts & ego is built with hand-coded compiled shtml. It runs on httpd, the native openbsd webserver, on an PC Engines APU 2. I build it on an elderly Mac Mini with a dreadfully slow home made bash & python suite. My long term goal is to rewrite the suite in C/C++.

And the rewrite is underway! I spent easter weekend writing my own static website link checker (swlc, also at github), to replace a bash script that uses find to call linkchecker --- that bash script runs for about four days (my site is not small). My new utility takes about an hour for the same site, and finds many more snafus. The speed gain is partially because swlc (i) checks the whole site, not just individual pages one by one; (ii) analyses source HTML rather than asking a local web server for a local page (which is why swlc only works on static sites), and (iii) is written in C++. TODO apply CMake to swlc.

I intend to visit the forthcoming Utrecht indieweb camp, mostly for the exchange of ideas, but partially because I love photographing the city.