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dylan harris


... a broad brit abroad ...

dylan harris


I'm dylan harris, arts & ego is my identity website. It's been online, in one form or another, since 1996. It's currently got 47G of content, including ... oh, I won't bore you with that.

I visited last year's indieweb camp in berlin, and came away fired up to introduce webmentions. I promptly translated the site, instead, into four languages, badly. That summerises how it's been built: if it were a house, it'd have 7 wings, secret passages, fake ghosts, real cobwebs, naughty kitties, and a cellar running a cloud data centre, backwards.

More than once, I've looked at the various CMSs, and more than once I've rejected them for not providing me the precise control & freedom of layout that I want. In consequence, everything is laid out entirely to my own sensibility, a bizarre combination of strange ideas and ancient mistakes. It certainly shows off my own ignorance of standards.

to do

arts & ego is built with hand-coded compiled shtml. It runs on httpd, the native openbsd webserver, on an PC Engines APU 2. I build it on an elderly Mac Mini with a dreadfully slow home made bash & python suite. My long term goal is to rewrite the suite in C/C++.

I intend to visit the forthcoming Utrecht indieweb camp, mostly for the exchange of ideas, but partially because I love photographing the city.