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IndieWeb Create Day September was a one-day virtual IndieWebCamp Create Day held on 2022-09-18.

Participants and Projects


Links Mentioned in the Meetup

Completed / Progress

  • Tracy Durnell - http://test.tracydurnell.com/
    • updated h-card and added some microformats to new website
    • replaced non-responsive layout with responsive columns
    • updated hero image and photo layout
    • incorporated new color palette using variable colors
    • replaced banners with flex box layout
  • Template:jjdelc
    • Updating python venv to run project to new python version
    • Upgrading divebar to run with recent Pelican versions
  • Angelo Gladding
    • investigate tumblr crawling
    • pull repr h-cards out of indieweb-search corpus & crawl

Discussion Notes

posting issues on indieweb.rocks:


install indieweb.rocks

  • WEBCTX=dev poetry run web dev indieweb_rocks.__web__:app --port 5555
  • poetry run webqueue run

mf2py alt parsing

Does anyone who posts bookmark or read articles have their system save the content from the article that they have read for future references (in addition to say, sending it to the Internet Archive), and does your system do this from your server or your client? E.g.



Other HTTP codes


Pages vs Posts, URL Design

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