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IndieWebCamp Online 2020


Main article: 2020/Online/Schedule

As unlike in-person IndieWebCamps, we are asking for Session Proposals in advance, we are tentatively scheduling three sessions, with an option to add additional sessions in a single track or multiple rooms if needed.

Session Proposals


Sessions, Keynotes, and Intros will be recorded

Proposed Schedule - Will be finalized on February 3rd. We have combined two sessions into a single period and added a fourth session.

Session One 17:15 UTC, 9:15 PST, 12:15 EST 18:15 CET

  • Intro to IndieWeb, Webmentions and Microformats - Building Blocks - Combined Session
  • organizers: David Shanske and Christina Hendricks
  • hashtag: #introblocks
  • Description: A basic guide to the IndieWeb and its two primary protocols: Webmention and Microformats. A guide to those just starting out and how.

Session Two 18:00 UTC, 10:00 PST, 13:00 EST 19:00 CET

Note: Session maybe repeated in earlier time slot'

Session Three 18:45 UTC, 10:45 PST, 13:45 EST 19:45 CET

  • Collections and You
  • Organizers: Maxwell Joslyn and Greg McVerry
  • #collections
  • Description: Collections are groups or lists of posts with a deliberate ordering. When should you organize a feed other than by chronology?

"Session Four" 19:30UTC, 11:30 PST, 14:30 EST 20:30 CET

  • Secrets of the WordPress Experts

David Shanske

  • What is the current state of WordPress with Indieweb? What do we have, what can we do?
  • #wordpresssecrets
  • Interest


Hack Day

  • A Zoom Room will open in each time zone at 9:00 local for collaborative work. It will not be recorded. We will have two scheduled demo times which will be recorded.

Demo Time 1 22:00 UTC, Demo Time 2 1:00 UTC

Hack Day Goals/Projects


IndieWebCamp Online typically uses chat, Zoom and Etherpad. More details and links for participation will be posted here on the days of the event. Also feel free to join us on chat to get realtime updates and conversation before, during, and after the camp. (Direct web chat link here.)

  • Zoom We will use Zoom as the video platform for sessions, intros, and demos.
  • wiki All session grids and schedules will be listed
  • Etherpad - All sessions will have an etherpad
  • IndieWeb chat - there are a variety of methods/ways to access the various chat channels on the wiki.
  • Audio/Video - recordings of all sessions will be placed on archive.org for individuals who did not participate to watch after the fact.



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