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photo stream is (AKA photo feed) a page showing a series of photo posts, sometimes presented as a photo grid, typically for the purpose of showing and catching up with that photos someone has taken and posted recently, without their other posts interspersed.


(this section is a stub, feel free to add your own reasons why!)

  • Tantek Çelik:
    • I think having, sharing, and showing such a page would demonstrate the power of owning your own design on the IndieWeb — and how we make things just as beautiful as any app.
    • Visualize a 100 days of Photos project at least while it’s happening
  • ...

How to

(this section is a stub, please contribute specific steps you’ve taken to build and publish your own photo stream!)

See photo grid for a currently popular presentation of a photo stream, and examples for inspiration.

IndieWeb Examples

See photo grid: IndieWeb Examples for photo stream pages where the photos are displayed as a grid, which is quite common.

Feel free to add any non-grid IndieWeb photo stream examples here!

Ben Werdmuller

Ben Werdmüller uses Known’s built-in photo stream support (since at least 2016 but actually since YYYY-MM-DD)

Jeremy Cherfas

Jeremy Cherfas uses Known (since at least 2017-10-17 but actually since YYYY-MM-DD) which has built-in photo stream support:

gRegor Morill

gRegor Morrill has a photo stream page (since 2018-08-10) that shows his photo posts in a single column (stream) view:

David Shanske

David Shanske uses the post-kind plugin for WordPress which publishes taxonomy of photo posts as a single stream. Any user of the IndieWeb WordPress post-kind plug in have this view:

Software Support


The Known CMS has a built-in photo stream page! E.g.


The post-kind plugin as part of the WordPress IndieWeb plugins has a built in photo stream.


Working on a photo stream or improving one? Feel free to share your brainstorming / design notes or link to them here til you’ve actually built and deployed it (then move them to your IndieWeb Examples entry :)

  • Tantek Çelik: Falcon#mobile_friendly_photos_only_stream
    • For the 100 days of Photos project use-case:
      • provide URLs to link to a specific start date or end date to show a photo stream from or before a certain date
      • provide a way to show the next (or previous) n (like 100) items in the stream
      • or provide both start and end dates (or number of days) instead of a specific number of items
  • ...
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