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A trans-person and a clueless amateur coder. Doesn't like her look and uses an anime-styled avatar instead.

Chat Nickname: kisik21

Elsewhere: @kisik21

Contact: E-Mail with PGP

Hello. I'm Vika. This is my wiki page. I don't really know what to write here.


My CMS is pyindieweb (considering renaming it to pyindieblog since it sounds more cute) which is written by me with Python and Flask.


Working on

Not working on yet

  • Aperture instance saves only last 7 days of posts (maybe implement my own Microsub server?)
  • No comment form for people without IndieWeb-enabled sites (use for providing pseudonymous/anonymous identities, but beware of spam)
  • Search - may be done differently:
    • Server-side search (may be faster, but harder to implement)
    • Reuse lunr.js from static site and build index dynamically (requires JS and still some server-side work)


  • Micropub is slow (solved with advent of Flask IndieWeb API written by me)
  • Almost nobody reads me (syndication supported to various services via Webmention and potentially bridgy)
  • No PuSH support (pyindieblog micropub pings switchboard for main page, typed feed and tag feeds)

Plans and possibilities

  • Make Webmentions static
  • Implement salmention
  • Check-in support (pyindieblog technically supports ANY kind of posts, the bottleneck is only the frontend)