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The IndieWeb Summit 2019 schedule and session grid is where notes and videos from all sessions can be found.

The session grid is developed on day 1, and is based on suggestions by the attendees.

All times are local times. If you are a remote attendee, make sure to convert to your timezone.

Friday Pre-Party

Main article: 2019/Preparty

Pine Street Market is an indoor food hall with a wide variety of food and drink options.


Day 1: Share, Learn, and Discuss!

Session topics will be proposed and chosen on the day of the event and organized into a grid.

Sessions are facilitated by the participant who proposed the topic. Learn more at session facilitating.

Day 1: Keynotes and Discussions

lunch options

  • second breakfast
  • Whole Foods (a block away)
  • Prasad bowls & smoothies (a few blocks away)
  • Los Gorditos (great mexican food, across street from Prasad) - David Shanske is heading here.
  • Alder Food Carts (between 9th & 10th)

evening activities

Feel free to self-organize evening dinner and activities during or after dinner here! Add yourself to an existing activity, or add a new activity!


Day 2: Creative Sessions. Make stuff and demo it!

PDT Red Orange Yellow Green Blue
9:00 Doors open, breakfast
9:00 Known Open Collective Breakfast Meeting ▶️47:41s
9:30 Day 2 Kickoff, Hack Day Intro, Scheduling
10:00 IndieWeb Creating Intro Sessions
10:00 - 11:00 Developer Intro to IndieWeb Building Blocks ▶️56:28s IndieWebifying your WordPress ▶️1:06:21s IndieWeb 101 ▶️46:03s
11:00 - 12:00 Start Creating!
12:00 - 13:00 Group photo & Catered lunch
13:00 - 16:00 Creating Sessions Continue!
16:00 Demos ▶️1:09:28s
17:30 Closing Keynote and Community Cleanup
18:00 Summit finished!


Interested in collaborating on a project on day two of IWS? Put your information here:

Project Idea Interested Parties


Feel free to self-organize evening activities before or for dinner or afterwards here! Add yourself to an existing activity, or add a new activity!


Overview of days:

  • 2019-06-28 Day 0: Before The Summit
  • 2019-06-29 Day 1: Keynotes and Brainstorming
  • 2019-06-30 Day 2: IndieWeb Hack Day and Demos!

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