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IndieEmail: Messages and Newsletters was a session at IndieWeb Summit 2019.

Notes archived from https://etherpad.indieweb.org/indieemail

IndieWebCamp PDX 2019
Session: #IndieEmail
Date and Time: 2019-06-29 16:10


  • Jared White (session facilitator)
  • John Karabaic
  • Cheryl Crowe



  • What to do with incoming messages (aka a Contact form)?
  • Can you POSSE your email newsletter?
  • What's the future of email and the IndieWeb?

Getting webmentions to work for email

  • One of the strategies is similar to what salesforce does for "Email to Salesforce"
  • On the contact form, indicate if communication is private or can be syndicated.
  • Websites can have associated maildrops that they check for syndicated content.
  • When an email is sent, it gets copied to a drop box that the site checks to syndicate the content to the website.
  • Perhaps the checkbox adds a header that the website respects when deciding whether to forward the content to the drop

Sending out newsletters


You can publish an issue as a simple HTML template on your own website. and then use a script or something to send that URL to a service like MailChimp. That way your email newsletter content isnt stuck in a silo (MailChimp, etc.)

The future... don't use AMP for Gmail :-)

  • Cheryl: Put your most important content at the top of the email issue, people won't scroll through a long message

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