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The Organizers Summit is a half-day of activities and sessions before IndieWeb Summit 2019, for Organizers, everyone who has co-organized a recent IndieWebCamp or series of Homebrew Website Club meetups.

2019-06-28: 8:15 breakfast at Kure, 9:00-13:00 Organizers Summit at Mozilla PDX
2019-06-27: Organizers dinner the night before


Similar to 2018/Organizers, the Organizers Summit sessions are open to everyone who has co-organized an IndieWebCamp from 2016-2019, planning an IndieWebCamp later this year, or co-organized at least two Homebrew Website Club meetups during those years, and posted at least one meetup photo. If you’re not sure, ask an organizer.


Please add yourself below if you will be participating in the Organizers Summit (alphabetical by full name)

Remote Participation

If you can't make it in person but you're available to participate remotely, please add yourself below. Please note that we'll likely make use of Mozilla's remote conference setup, which requires the Zoom Desktop Client.


Sorry to miss you, let us know if you can't make it and we'll try to reach out with specifics that may apply to your city.

  • Calum Ryan Clashes with Patterns Day in Brighton
  • ...


(Tentative, copied from 2018/Organizers)

KURE Promise.
Good enough for breakfast, good enough for IndieWeb!
  • Friday June 28, 9am Pacific Time
    • 2019-06-28 09:00 - 13:30 PDT (UTC-7)
    • 2019-06-28 16:00 - 20:30 UTC
    • 2019-06-28 18:00 - 22:30 CEST (UTC+2)


(Tentative, copied from 2018/Organizers) Friday 2019-06-28:

  • 08:15 Organizers breakfast at Kure Juice Bar, 408 SW 12th Ave (at SW Stark)
  • 09:00 Organizers Summit start & intros
  • 09:30 Organizers Summit Sessions
  • 13:00 Organizers Summit Wrap-up & Next Steps
  • 13:30 Organizers Summit closes and
  • 13:37 lunch outside and free time
    • ...

Other Organizers related activities (just FYI, unless you want to help)

  • ...


See: Organizers page to start filling out this section.

Urgent for Summit:


(Tentative, copied from 2018/Organizers)

08:00 Breakfast: KURE (Foursquare: Kure Juice Bar), 408 SW 12th Ave (at SW Stark)

09:00-13:30 Organizers Summit meeting: Mozilla Portland! (PDX-3-320 Hair of the Dog, has Vidyo)

13:37 Lunch after: TBD offsite




Issues from Organizers#Issues and this page were copied into the etherpad as they were discussed. See session notes below.

IndieWeb Summit 2019
Session: Organizers Meetup
When: 2019-06-28 09:15-13:10

Getting started 9:15am 2019-06-28 at Mozilla.

Previous Organizers meetup

Review the task list from the previous leader meetup(s)

Tasks not done from 2019/Berlin/Organizers:

  • ...

Tasks not done from 2018/Organizers#Task_List

  • Document: jf2 spec is on indieweb, so makes sense for the code to live in same org as the spec - so we don't move it.
  • CoC contacts: Leaders willing to be points of contact should add themselves (including local timezone) to code-of-conduct#Resolving_an_Issue
    • Make sure your wiki user page has contact information as well
  • reduce chat noise: Aaron Parecki will make an incremental improvement, de-duping notifications by having them only go to the "more specific" channel. e.g. a tweet w/ #indieweb and #webmention would go to #indieweb-dev, not #indieweb.
  • Finalize dates and venue in January 2019 for the next IWS to leave time for travel assistance applications, time for applicants to also apply for visas and book flights.
  • Aaron Parecki: reflect on retention from Day 1 to Day 2 on Tuesday => Wednesday compared to past dropouts on Sat/Sun.
  • ...

✅ Reviewed:

✅ Copied 2018/Organizers#Next_Time back to Organizers#Issues

✅ Decided not to use "Next Time" section on individual Organizer pages. Organizers#Issues should be the canonical list, including upcoming, not fully discussed items.

Summit 2019 Final Tasks

Originally: https://indieweb.org/wiki/index.php?title=Organizers&oldid=62915#Summit_2019_Final_Tasks https://indieweb.org/2019/Planning#To-do

Final planning details for Summit 2019.

  • Volunteer assignments for Saturday
    • Check-in list on iPad for attendance. gRegor Morrill (not paperless)
    • we have a box of t-shirts! Lillian Karabaic has volunteered to hand them out.
      • generic and womens styles in slightly different grays
    • Help with badges / lanyards. Tiara Miller
      • aaronpk printed up stickers so people don't have to write names. if they want a different name let them write on the badge in sharpie.
      • 4 colors - black (regular attendee, photos okay); yellow (regular attendee, ask before photo); red (regular attendee, no photos), purple (organizers/CoC contacts, photos okay)
      • remind attendees of Code of Conduct. Aaron Parecki will print out of CoC copies for badge table. (and sign for lobby).
  • ✅ Question: do we need to have someone running people up the elevators, of will building security do it? If building security does, until what time?
    • Tantek Çelik will ask Katt.
      • Mozillans with building badges ran people up during the event
    • as far as we know elevator will be locked starting at 10am. people that need to come and go during the day will need to contact aaronpk to get up the elevator. aaronpk will dispatch a mozillian to let people up.
      • we may have 4 Mozillians (including Tantek Çelik, dbryant, Darius) with elevator badges.
      • particularly important for lunch on our own Saturday. need a Mozillan with building badge in the lobby starting 15 minutes before lunch is over (1:15pm). Aaron Parecki is indicating this on the schedule.

Attendance Discussion:

  • If someone shows up and is not on the list, what is the policy?
    • Tantek Çelik thinks we should tell them we're at capacity. Policy should be clear enough so volunteer is comfortable saying it. And we have done this in the past, e.g. 2017
    • One exception: Mozilla employees with badge. Direct them to check in with Tantek.
    • if someone says they did register but aren't on the list (iPad), get Aaron Parecki. (He has access to the ti.to and knows how to use it, e.g. to check for incomplete signups.)
    • Tiara Miller suggests we point anyone we turn away at the remote participation, since that has no cap or requirement
    • David Shanske asks what about future events? Tantek Çelik, Aaron Parecki, others say it depends on the event and the organizers.
  • rooms and breakouts
  • Zoom room volunteers
    • we have 3 zoom accounts
    • the room equipment can't actually host the zoom stream.
    • Aaron Parecki will provide an ipad for each room to actually host the meeting.
      • also controls what remote participants can do, mute people, etc.
    • Aaron Parecki will train people to set them up.
      • ipad has a personalized zoom URL. URLs on the remote participation page on the wiki.
      • moz media setup needs to dial in with a long numeric room ID. (should always be visible on the ipad that's running the meeting.)
      • all ipads should have camera and mic muted
        • [ ] Aaron Parecki will have to find plugs to stop the ipads from making noise.
      • recording is automatic so don't try.
      • if someone wants to screen share into the meeting they will need to download zoom and join the meeting by ID.
        • mute yourself and screen share.
        • use ipad control to turn off shares. or kick griefers. (there is an account setting that can prevent kicked people from rejoining. we disabled this so they can rejoin. accidentally banned dougbeal during testing!)
    • will start each ipad at the beginning of the day. Aaron Parecki will post-process the videos after.
    • [ ] Aaron Parecki will add link to download zoom to the welcome email that goes out today to all remote people (and local people?).
    • concerns about screensharing being automatically allowed, so griefers could share awful things
      • if this actually happens, Aaron Parecki can log into the admin and totally disable screen share on each account.
      • can also shut down the screen via the Mozilla media controls in the room as a failsafe for local participants. remotes will have to do their own disabling.
  • ✅ power? Aaron Parecki will get last year's power strips from his garage.
  • Opening morning media/video during welcome and check-in.
  • Closing Announcements:
    • Upcoming IndieWebCamps at 2019.indieweb.org
    • dates and location locked in for 2020-06-27...28!

Summit Planning Improvements

Originally: https://indieweb.org/wiki/index.php?title=Organizers&oldid=62916#Summit_Planning_Improvements

(moved from /Organizers#Issues - notes braindumped by Tantek Çelik)

Listing this first so we can braindump while it is fresh in our heads, without first crowding our brains with more issues / discussions.

This is specifically about what we did this time 2019/Planning that we could have done better, with the goal of doing better for 2020/Planning!

Please save all "We should also have xyz at Summit that I wanted (for me or on behalf of others) but I was not going to spend any time myself to make happen" for a specific issue down below.

Specific points that need improvement

  • Lead times on everything
    • Dates confirmation
      • Goal: announce by end of previous summit (1 year in advance)
      • Currently: https://indieweb.org/Planning#Summit
      • Current candidate: 2020-06-27…28
      • Weekends are better for folks that can't take time off from work, or lower impact (only have to take time off Friday)
        • ✅ check out conflicting events (identiverse collided this year. Aaron Parecki figuring out if it conflicts next year, b/c he will go) (identiverse is early June in 2020, no conflict)
    • ✅ Venue confirmation ( Tantek Çelik booked it today!)
      • [ ] David Shanske will ask University Palace for room block info
    • 2020.indieweb.org Site setup
      • how much lead time can we get on having this up?
      • wait until ppl can actually sign up?
      • [ ] launch with a "save the date" and no way to sign up? (but a date when tickets will be available)
      • [ ] sign-up-to-be-notified-when-you-can-sign-up?
      • Tiara Miller suggests opening registration 6 months in advance of the event, but put up a sign-up-to-be-notified now.
        • [ ] travel assistance information should be up on the "save the date"
        • [ ] travel assistance applications requests should be open November 1.
    • [ ] ticketing setup (see specific issues on "Tickets" below) - first week of January in advance
    • [ ] onsite infrastructure requirements confirmation (e.g. for captionist) - 3 weeks in advance schedule meeting with onsite AV Production
      • still finalizing for this year! Tantek Çelik and Aaron Parecki meet w/ Mozilla techs at 1:15pm today.
      • aaronpk started talking to captionist 1 mo in advance and that felt good (not rushed).
    • onsite infrastructure testing (e.g. for captionist, making sure every breakout room has a way for a laptop to present on the screen in the room - we are using Zoom for that)
    • Arranging a way for non-Mozilla folk(s) to meet with Mozilla infrastructure folks more in advance onsite
      • [ ] Tantek Çelik and Aaron Parecki will ask in the 1:15pm meeting. What is their protocol, and how can we schedule a meeting ~3 weeks prior to event.
    • more volunteers sooner to help with more details sooner
      • this IWS was two organizers, Tantek Çelik and Aaron Parecki. Tantek Çelik feels like it is coming together too last minute.
      • new organizer role: volunteer manager to delegate tasks
        • volunteers: do day-of tasks
        • organizers: working on pre-event stuff ~6 months in advance.
      • [ ] lists of tasks, and marking which things can be delegated (https://indieweb.org/IndieWebCamp_Organizing is intended to capture lessons-learned from every camp and summit)
      • asking for (specific, non-day-of) help as early as possible to get co-orgs onboard.
      • meta-organizer role? detail-oriented, keep tasks and co-organizers flowing.
      • specifics for summit next year: let's have some more co-organizers!
    • draft emails for outreach (e.g. check how many "Decentralized Web Camp" (DWeb) emails Brewster has sent out months in advance)
      • DWeb summit 2019 sent emails:
        • 4 months before save the date
        • 10 days after that: help us plan
        • 1 week after that: details on camp
        • 3 months before: open registration
        • updates on average 2 per month. (good reasons to come, help build DWeb camp, build the future @ DWeb camp, come join first DWeb camp)
        • sent to all that reg'd at DWeb Summit past year, and reg'd for interest (we would send to ppl who reg interest on 2020.indieweb.org *only*)
      • [ ] send a "thank you for coming" after the summit invite to join the community/chat. then lose the 2019 summit mailing list.
        • only to in-person attendees that actually showed up. nothing to ppl that didn't show up.
        • send nothing to remote people. they're already in the community. let's not track their attendance, either.
  • D&I outreach
    • Need to prioritize D&I outreach even more, even more in advance
      • Tantek Çelik proposes focusing *all* outreach on D&I. We sold out this year and the D&I outreach wasn't even that great.
      • Most effective outreach Tantek did was one-on-one with people he knows
      • Marty McGuire proposes no cold calling/DM-ing/emailing/@-ing.
        • Tantek Çelik only contact people you know directly. privately, no public call-outs.
    • Aaron Parecki needs to connect w/ Portland orgs. PDX women in tech. Women Who Code. and more.
      • does not want to flyer because it's still "putting things out in the world" instead of in-person outreach.
      • Tiara Miller says she will reach out to Long Island Women in Tech.
    • one-on-one messaging is actually not obvious! questions and tips?
      • Marty McGuire suggests making it personal invites (e.g. "i'm going to this and i would love to see you there" basically let's go together!)
      • Tantek Çelik give the URL on the first (and only!) message so you're not pestering.
        • Aaron Parecki might sound too-pitchy. Tantek Çelik never copy-paste. you're only messaging someone you know, so personalize the message for them.
    • focus on diversity in keynotes/speakers for every IWS or IWC that has "keynotes".
      • should do this before opening up registrations
        • Tantek Çelik had luck with this for 2019 by first personally inviting someone to Summit. After they committed to come and showed interest in helping more, asked if they would like to keynote.
      • Greg McVerry likes including remote speakers because it opens up the available pool of speakers.
      • Aaron Parecki Q: what should folks talk about? anything about their personal websites seems good.
      • [ ] Greg McVerry will look at titles in past keynotes. e.g. Jean MacDonald 2018 Summit talked about micro.blog community.
    • What if my existing network is not very diverse?
      • Homework assignment to expand your circles! Not necessarily easily, requires work, but it is rewarding on its own.

` Discussion

  • Tantek Çelik points out TODOs need to be tracked at different levels of public-ness. public, obscured, private.
  • 2021?? Would be June 26/27


Originally: https://indieweb.org/wiki/index.php?title=Organizers&oldid=62925#Tickets

Aaron Parecki

For the last several years we've charged a nominal amount for tickets to IndieWeb Summit, but made the ticket free if you post an RSVP from your own website. It's been a few years, and I think it's time to re-evaluate this policy.

Problem 1: In past years, Indie RSVPs have had a significantly lower no-show rate than people who bought tickets. This shows that the amount we're charging ($5 in past years, $10 in 2019) hasn't actually acted as enough of a commitment device as we thought it would.

Problem 2: Every year, a handful of people post an Indie RSVP and forget to (or don't know they have to) also register for a ticket, even though it is free. We need their registration in Tito so that the attendee count is accurate, and so that we can email event information to them ahead of the event.

Problem 3: Distinguishing between people who have a website with the ability to create an RSVP post and people who do not is likely working against our inclusivity goals as well.

Problem 4: Some people who have their own website register for a paid ticket anyway because they want to donate to the event.

Problem 5: Some people who do not have a website register for the Indie RSVP ticket anyway, probably because they can't afford or don't want to pay the $10.

Proposal: Charge for all tickets, whether or not you also post an Indie RSVP. Offer a free/subsidized ticket, or a discount code to bring the cost to $0 explicitly for underrepresented people. Donut.js is an example of an event with this model. Not sure then how to show indie RSVPs on the event page or what that means.

  • Martijn van der Ven: if the indie RSVP author URL matches a URL of someone who registered for a ticket, maybe we can display a fun little check mark or “verified” badges with their registration? (If public.) That may also get people to ask “how do I get to be verified?” and still work as a way to introduce people to RSVPing from their own site. [1]


  • Aaron Parecki we changed a lot of things at once this year, potentionally making it hard to see the effect of any one thing.
  • many folks (but probably < 10) reg'd "Indie RSVP" to avoid paying $10.
    • conversely, some RSVPs reg'd $10 anyway.
    • so: Aaron Parecki let's not distinguish btw whether or not you have a website as why you pay or not pay. let's have everybody pay unless you self-select into "supported/subsidized ticket" free option.
      • proposal: Tickets are $10. Self-selecting free ticket labeled as subsidized ticket for under-represented groups. agreement from Tantek Çelik, Tiara Miller, gRegor Morrill, Greg McVerry, Marty McGuire.
        • indie RSVP URL still an option but totally unrelated to purchasing*
      • Greg McVerry Q: how about the $100 subsidizing tickets? some ppl check all for-pay boxes to support.
        • Aaron Parecki we have two support options now. General IndieWeb support vs specifically contribute to diversity travel assistance. Do we continue that or change up the dollar values we attach to each?
          • we have seen folks use both options, or just one or the other, and adjust dollar values.
          • generally we seem okay with continuing this unless it becomes confusing or too much work.
      • Greg McVerry Q: can we rename the travel assistance option to mention childcare?
      • Aaron Parecki we could simplify the ticket form by making free a coupon code. Marty McGuire doesn't want to "hide" the free option.
        • Tantek Çelik, and others: it's marketing if it's visible. so, we're going to leave the Free ticket option

Photo Policy

Postponed because we are good for tomorrow. Left on 2019/Organizers#Issues

Video Archive Host

Originally: https://indieweb.org/wiki/index.php?title=Organizers&oldid=62932#Video_Archive_Host

Tantek Çelik: Discuss making an official recommendation to use Internet Archive for session video archives instead of YouTube and reasons why (e.g. we did this for Düsseldorf upon request, let's explore generalizing it and providing guidance + instructions for IWC organizers to follow in the future), like reduced sense of surveillance (either being in or watching our videos), reduce auto-play of junk-videos (like all the conspiracy theory junk on YouTube), reduce association with junk videos (like the sidebar of suggested videos in YouTube)


  • At Berlin we switched to archive.org because setting up YouTube was difficult. Streaming was on Twitch, archives were added after the fact to archive.org.
  • For tomorrow: same decision?
    • stream keynotes on AirMozilla (link?). and Twitch?
    • archive on archive.org
      • remote participation for main room and two breakouts are recorded by Zoom. Aaron Parecki will upload after.
      • outgoing-only keynotes and demos are on AirMo and at specific times.
        •  ?? am - ?? on saturday.
        • 4-6pm demos on sunday.
  • What problem is this solving? We are trying to avoid YouTube because of the (very problematic) suggestions / autoplay feature.
  • ✅ will need to disable Kaja bot bits that watch for YouTube live streams.
  • can we make this a recommendation / policy?
    • for summit, yes.
    • for other camps... might be up to organizers because of extra effort?
      • Aaron Parecki "if you're recording an event where the participants are being recorded, it should not go up to youtube."
        • (licensing is a separate question)
  • David Shanske start an ongoing task to start copying existing videos from YT to archive.org?

Code of Conduct Updates

(not copying from Organizers#Issues because v little time)


  • Tantek Çelik specifically interested in XOXO CoC section on reverse racism. https://2018.xoxofest.com/conduct
    • "XOXO prioritizes marginalized people's safety over privileged people's comfort." Can we copy that line and the following 4 bullet points?
XOXO prioritizes marginalized people’s safety over privileged people’s comfort. XOXO reserves the right not to act on complaints regarding:
  • ‘Reverse’ -isms, including ‘reverse racism,’ ‘reverse sexism,’ and ‘cisphobia’
  • Reasonable communication of boundaries, such as “leave me alone,” “go away,” or “I’m not discussing this with you.”
  • Communicating in a ‘tone’ you don’t find congenial
  • Criticizing racist, sexist, cissexist, or otherwise oppressive behavior or assumptions

agreement in the room: YES. (their CoC is CC-BY, so we are allowed. we like the language.)

Task List

  • [ ] need (more and better) tito instructions Martijn van der Ven
  • [ ] draft statement on uploading event videos to archive.org
  • [ ] (ongoing project) YouTube videos to archive.org. Tiara Miller volunteered to start working with it.
  • [ ] Aaron Parecki update CoC with lines about reverse-isms at end of Respect section. (incl licensing info about XOXO CoC for that chunk) Also, remove last line from consequences section.
  • [ ] Tantek Çelik will ask XOXO if they can public domain their section we're copying.

Next Time

These topics were suggested but did not get discussed at this Organizers Summit.


2018 Organizers meetups:

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