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The Organizers Summit is a half-day of activities and sessions before IndieWeb Summit 2019, for everyone who has co-organized a recent IndieWebCamp or series of Homebrew Website Club meetups.


Similar to 2018/Organizers, the Organizers Summit sessions are open to everyone who has co-organized an IndieWebCamp from 2015-2018, planning an IndieWebCamp later this year, or co-organized at least two Homebrew Website Club meetups during those years, and posted at least one meetup photo. If you’re not sure, ask an organizer.


Please add yourself below if you will be participating in the Organizers Summit (alphabetical by full name)

Remote Participation

If you can't make it in person but you're available to participate remotely, please add yourself below. Please note that we'll likely make use of Mozilla's remote conference setup, which requires the Vidyo Desktop Client.

  • Martijn van der Ven – planning to attend. May miss the first hour, depending on work–home-commute.
  • ...


Sorry to miss you, let us know if you can't make it and we'll try to reach out with specifics that may apply to your city.

  • Calum Ryan Clashes with Patterns Day in Brighton
  • ...


(Tentative, copied from 2018/Organizers)

KURE Promise.
Good enough for breakfast, good enough for IndieWeb!
  • Friday June 28, 9am Pacific Time
    • 2019-06-28 09:00 - 13:30 PDT (UTC-7)
    • 2019-06-28 16:00 - 20:30 UTC
    • 2019-06-28 18:00 - 22:30 CEST (UTC+2)


(Tentative, copied from 2018/Organizers) Friday 2019-06-28:

  • 08:15 Organizers breakfast at Kure Juice Bar, 408 SW 12th Ave (at SW Stark)
  • 09:00 Organizers Summit start & intros
  • 09:30 Organizers Summit Sessions
  • 13:00 Organizers Summit Wrap-up & Next Steps
  • 13:30 Organizers Summit closes and
  • 13:37 lunch outside and free time
    • ...

Other Organizers related activities (just FYI, unless you want to help)

  • ...


See: Organizers page to start filling out this section.

Urgent for Summit:

  • Photo permissions lanyards per 2018/Berlin/Organizers#Lanyards_for_Photo_Preference:
  • Need a formal photo policy
    • all photos released in public domain
    • explain opt-out
    • include steps for asking for photo removal
    • red lanyards for no photo
    • yellow lanyards for ask
    • plastic badge holders with a hole for the lanyards to clip onto
    • Reusable Hello My URL IS rewritable badges
    • Good option for this is the PVC material that is used for ID badges
  • Price Estimates
    • Different lanyards, paper tags, plasitc holders $..05-.10 each
    • Printed different name stickers $.25-40 (bulk discounts)
    • Reusable plastic wipe or magnetic name tags $2.00 - we could even print some tiny IWC logo stickers to adhere to the name tags.


(Tentative, copied from 2018/Organizers)

08:00 Breakfast: KURE (Foursquare: Kure Juice Bar), 408 SW 12th Ave (at SW Stark)

09:00-13:30 Organizers Summit meeting: Mozilla Portland! (PDX-3-320 Hair of the Dog, has Vidyo)

13:37 Lunch after: TBD offsite


Local Participants

Remote Participants

  • ...


Ideas from this page and from Organizers#Issues were listed in the etherpad and then sessions were put in a rough priority, or given an explicit time slot.

Proposed from this page


For each session, the original notes/ideas are listed first. The discussion from the Organizers Summit and resulting actions are listed under the discussion subheading for each session.

Next Time

These topics were suggested but did not get discussed at this Organizers Summit.


2018 Organizers meetups:

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