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How to organize an IndieWebCamp.

Consider first organizing a Homebrew Website Club meetup


To organize an IndieWebCamp, you need:

  1. 2-4 organizers - in practice that's worked best.
    • only 1 organizer means more chance things get dropped on the floor
    • having co-organizers helps keep mutual motivation going, everyone encourages everyone else
    • 2 is the minimum viable: 1 for physical venue stuffs, 1 for virtual stuffs is a good split to start
    • 4 is what 2011 had
    • More than 4 hasn't happened in practice.
  2. Add to Planning even if you just want to start the idea, add it to Planning
  3. Simple wiki page with the year and city. Start with just minimal notes and questions, e.g. see the first version of 2014/NYC.
    1. If your event is multiple days, have notations for what portion people will attend for.
  4. Divide up key organizing responsibilities (venue, sponsors, food, tables/chairs, volunteers)
  5. Venue with network access (donated / sponsored)
  6. Sponsors, either dedicated (see recent IndieWebCamps for an explicit list) or via open_collective, for:
    • food
    • travel assistance (see example)
    • kid related or child care (note available upon request (e.g. [1]), make preparations for all day both days)
  7. Update wiki page as more is known, including creating subpages
    • details: Where (address), When (start time, end time)
    • include a subheading Participating that has links to:
    • event cover image - use a photo of the venue, preferably recognizable (note: please avoid re-using the old 2014 icon/avatar grid)
    • indie event - post / setup an indie event post for folks to RSVP to
    • ticketing - setup a way to RSVP via a ticketing system like tito or brownpapertickets
    • more event tracking - feel free to also POSSE the event to Facebook to help folks who use that silo to keep track of the event and invite others
  8. Track venue capacity, waitlist if necessary
  9. Remind Attendees, send out some sort of notification/email/text to all attendees and remind them of the event in advance.


See: IndieWebCamp kit for a list of items to consider ordering beforehand

Stuff to bring (doubtful a venue has, thus see IndieWebCamp kit)

  1. Nametags
  2. Large Postit notes/papers for scheduling
  3. Stickers

Stuff to borrow from a venue (and bring if they lack)

  1. Surge Protectors/Power Strips/Extension Cords - We all need power, and best to make it easy to secure.
  2. Displayport Adapter
  3. Markers
  4. Video streaming kit and microphones.


When actually doing the IndieWebCamp, you need to at least do:

  • venue tables/chairs/projectors/whiteboards/session grid setup
  • food/snack/coffee delivery (or bring in)
  • pay for expenses via open_collective (recommended)
  • do the Introductions session
    • as part of this show and present the code of conduct, also point out points of contact.
    • make sure you have a number of volunteers who are available throughout the event as points of contact and who have listed themselves on that page for reference.
  • organize sync-up for lunches/dinners/coffee
  • take photos
  • run the demo session
  • set up Session grid with links to Etherpads
  • direct participants to How to take notes during IndieWebCamp
  • organize collaborative cleanup and return venue to a cleaner state than when you showed up


After (or during if you can keep up)

  • upload & post photos on the wiki
  • make sure session Etherpads are captured into session notes archives pages on the wiki
  • apply information learned from sessions to topical pages on the wiki