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IndieWebCamp Ticketing are the tools and services we use to provide ticketing for IndieWeb events.

Open Collective

Open Collective has the ability to handle event ticketing, and now that we’ve moved all expenses to Open Collective this is the easiest option for handling the finances.

Aaron Parecki's goal for 2021 is to not run any event finances through his bank accounts.


IndieWeb has its own Tito account (indiewebcamp). Creating events on it will mean there can be year-after-year data even when organisers change. Please reach out in the meta chat channel to people who can grant you access and help setting it up!

Creating an Event

When using the IndieWeb Tito account, it’s easier to clone an existing event rather than create a new one. Check that the event you are cloning comes with the ticketing options you want to offer beforehand.

To clone an event click into the event admin interface, then choose Settings, then the Duplicate event button will appear in the top right corner.

Setting Up Tickets

After you create a ticket type, you need to add questions before making the ticket live.

You should add questions for event attendance, preference for displaying their RSVP, and to indicate reading the code of conduct. You can add optional questions about a person’s URL.

  1. Click on Questions & Answers in the left side bar.
  2. Click on Add new.
  3. Use Checkboxes for codes of conduct.
    1. Add links to the required code of conduct(s). Check to see if your venue requires signing their own CoC or guidelines. uses Markdown. For example:

      [IndieWeb Code of Conduct](
      [Mozilla Participation Guidelines](

    2. In the question options add a descriptor for each document participants must read and sign.
    3. Make sure to select all tickets
    4. Make the Code of Conduct question mandatory
  4. Use a Text question to ask for a person’s URL. Leave this question as optional.
  5. Create a Select question called ‘Would you like to be shown on the public guest list?’
    1. Put ‘Yes, show me on the guest list’ and then ‘No, hide me from the guest list’ in the Question Options box.
    2. Make this question mandatory.
    3. Assign it to all tickets.
  6. Use Checkboxes for event days (Friday night social meetup, Saturday Conference, Sunday HackDay, etc). You do not need to assign this question to remote tickets.

Considerations for Tito ticketing

What is the venue capacity?

You should set the number of available tickets to something slightly higher to account for no-shows.

Do you want to charge for tickets?

This can help reduce the no-show rate

Do you want to accept contributions to the sponsorship fund via Tito?

Coordinate with Aaron Parecki on getting access to the funds

Will you be running a travel assistance program and want to accept contributions via Tito?

This requires several months of advance planning in order to have time to book travel for people far enough in advance.

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