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Volunteer is a committed community member who tries to live the principles of IndieWeb throughout their lives. They organize events, contribute code, and help raise the awareness and adoption of our people-focused alternative to the "corporate web".

You can find a list of opportunities to help us below. We need volunteers from every background and skillset.


Need directions on how to make a volunteer request and then how to volunteer.


Organizers please list your event and link to the event page. Describe the task, include a due date, and esimated number of hours. Use the following template.

  • link to event page
  • Task description
  • Due date
  • Hours
  • contact {your name here}


Anyone working on IndieWeb building blocks, tools, or shared web spaces may leave a call for volunteers below. Please use the template below:

  • link to repo
  • description of task
  • link to any relevant issues
  • link to license