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You can expand a page that someone has started by expanding the definition, adding one or more new sections, or add to an existing section.

Common Sections

Most pages have (or could use) sections like the following (in this order)

  • Why
  • How to
  • IndieWeb Examples
  • Silo Examples
  • Brainstorming
  • FAQ
  • See Also

Pages about silos, other services, and software projects sometimes have:

  • Features
  • IndieWeb Friendly (support, compatibility, best practices etc.)


The top of a page should be simple, direct, and consider the audiences that are new the IndieWeb.

Beyond that, a page and its sections noted above should be easy so understand and use by new indieweb users, WordPress site users, and developers.

To better understand these audiences and needs, consider:

  • Does the page make sense to an indieweb user and help them understand why something matters?
  • Does the page make sense to someone using WordPress and how they can improve their blog?
  • Does the page make sense to developers and provide a quickly understandable reason why they should care and how to implement it with examples including screenshots?

See Also