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remote participation refers to good practices for enabling people to take part in IndieWebCamp events at a different location and collaboration across locations.

See Barnaby Walters's blog post on Pros, Cons and a formula for Remote Participation at events.

For IndieWebCamps:

  • Setup a channel for the camp, e.g. or Google Hangouts

For Homebrew Website Club:

  • Setup and share a Vidyo URL



For remote participation at events, the built-in camera and microphone on laptops or mobile devices is usually not sufficient. To get a better quality link between locations, a separate camera with a microphone designed to pick up sound in larger spaces is needed.

For individual

Minimum for an individual joining a remote event

  • laptop with a camera
    • typically built-in cameras are not very wide angle so it will be hard to fit everyone in the frame
    • built-in microphones are best optimized to pick up a single person sitting directly in front of the laptop, and won't work well for groups

Helpful for an individual

  • Headphones/headset with microphone (helps reduce/eliminate echoes/feedback)

For a a room

Helpful for a site/room with multiple people:

We used the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 at IndieWebCamp SF 2014 with several remote participants, all of who said they had no trouble seeing and hearing what was happening in the room.


To get better sound from the remote participants, either hook up the computer to a TV and use the built-in speakers, or get some nice external speakers such as the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker.


Alternately a good external speaker/mic for conference will work, such as the Jabra Speak 510.


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