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remote participation refers to good practices for enabling people to take part in IndieWebCamp events at a different location and collaboration across locations.

See Barnaby Walters's blog post on Pros, Cons and a formula for Remote Participation at events.

For IndieWebCamps:

  • Setup a channel for the camp, e.g. or Google Hangouts

For Homebrew Website Club:

  • Setup and share a Vidyo URL



  • laptop with a camera

Helpful for a site/room with multiple people:

  • HD Webcam, e.g. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
  • External conference microphone, e.g. Jabra Speak 510
    • wireless so you can place it in the middle of a table
    • dedicated conference microphones work better at cancelling echos and picking up a whole room

Helpful for an individual

  • Headphones/headset with microphone (helps reduce/eliminate echoes/feedback)

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