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To start a page on the indiewebcamp wiki, either

  • Edit an existing page. Add a link to new-page, then save the page.
  • Click the new-page link, then click "edit this page."


  • Type the URL of the desired page directly into the browser address bar, then click "edit this page."

Then start by copy pasting the following:


And lastly, include a simple 1-2 sentence definition of what the page is about. E.g. if the page is about "Widget-Company", start with something like:

<span class="p-summary">'''<dfn>Widget-Company</dfn>''' is a ...</span>

and complete that sentence including any indieweb relevance.

If there is no indieweb relevance, then DO NOT create the page.

If you need something to link to, link to a Wikipedia page instead of making a non-indieweb-relevant stub.

You may also want to redirect a new page to an existing page or section/heading therein.

For more on how and what to add to the wiki, see:


Recognize that naming is hard.


  • Use short, plain words, using a space (" ") or dash ("-") between multiple words.


  • Please DO NOT use WikiWords (AKA CamelCase) when naming pages because they are less discoverable, and worse for search results (both in site-search and web-search).

Questions about naming a new page?


May I copy paste from another site

Q: Is it ok if I mostly copy+paste a definition from the site of the product/company (e.g. WidgeCo in example above) that I'm creating a new page for?

A: Rather than copy/paste from their site, try to rephrase a definition so it sounds neutral, factual, and uses indieweb terminology when possible, which should then be [[ ]] linked.

What next

See: expand a page.

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