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Anything directly related to people with their own websites, such as technologies and services used, design and UX, formats and protocols, as well as events or podcasts are relevant to the IndieWeb wiki.

Here are some good examples of stuff to put on the wiki:

  • Anything directly IndieWeb related, especially directly to people in the community with their own sites:
    • Technologies (e.g. Apache) people are using to setup/build/run/maintain/monitor their indieweb site
    • Services (e.g. web hosting) people are using with their indieweb site
    • Events or podcasts that discuss the independent web or IndieWeb in particular, including events with only a single related talk (be sure to list the specific talk)
    • jargon representing technology used as part of an IndieWeb site
    • silos that have prior art (UX, design, formats, protocols) for things we want to rebuild independently
  • If you are unsure just ask in our #meta channel. If you prefer to ask the question off the record where it is not logged you can try the #chat channel (See Discuss).

What should not go on the wiki

Q: If all that makes sense on the wiki, what does not make sense on the wiki?

A: There are so many things that do not need to be on the wiki that it's hard to list them all. Obviously aside from stuff like code-of-conduct violations, here are a few which we've seen added then decided were better removed, that seem to fall into the pattern of when someone is passionate about something totally not indieweb related, and wants to add it to the wiki.

  • Random stuff. In general, random things that lack an obvious IndieWeb connection are better left to Wikipedia, and using Wikipedia links rather than creating less useful stub pages on the IndieWeb wiki.
  • Technical terms. If a technical term does not have a direct obvious connection to the IndieWeb, no need for it to be documented here.
  • Organizations. If an organization has no relation to anything IndieWeb it can be left out.
    • Exception: As noted above as silos, we are documenting any/all sites/services that anyone in the community has used (or even has friends that have used) that has announced or is threatening to shut down, or has especially has UX that is worth capturing for prior art research purposes when designing our own indieweb features.
  • Events. If an event has nothing to do with the indieweb, it does not need to be listed on the Events page.

Once again ask in chat. People will help you determine the relevancy of a topic, link to previous discussions in the logs, or point you to an existing page where the date are previously captured.

For all of these, consider instead adding them to Wikipedia (or expanding their articles there instead).

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