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IndieWeb Examples is a common section of many IndieWeb wiki pages that lists IndieWeb community members (and sometimes others) who have implemented a particular feature or technology, or who actively use it, on their personal site. Everyone is encouraged to add themselves to such sections as part of wikifying, even and especially if you feel your use or implementation is experimental, partial, or otherwise.


Stepping up and adding yourself on "in progress" stuff helps others feel encouraged to also do so, and if they find you on the page, they can offer to collaborate!

Plus it feels good to update your IndieWeb Examples entry later with each improvement in your support, implementation, and use!

Why not

If you feel your support or implementation is so experimental as to not really "count", then you may instead add a new subsection to the top-level Brainstorming section (create the Brainstorming section if it's not already there).

However, we really do encourage folks to contribute even experimental, preliminary, or even "mostly manual" or prototype support to the IndieWeb Examples section, adding whatever caveats would make you feel comfortable doing so, as it really does encourage others to also document incremental and iterative progress, which can provide inspiration for everyone else!

Similarly, there’s also no obligation, and if adding any such thinking or work-in-progress to a Brainstorming subsection feels more appropriate, please feel free to do that instead. That too is helpful to others, and often provides inspiration.

One person’s Brainstorm off the top of their head may help solve design problems for someone else who can then implement something accordingly!

See Also

  • expand a page
  • wikifying
  • Add yourself to an IndieWeb Examples section in chronological order by date of first publication of actual example of the thing (with permalink, preferably with link text like "since YYYY-MM-DD" with the ISO date of publication), and feel free to help sort other examples by date of first publication (if they're note already ordered as such)
  • If an example is gone, rather than delete it, please move it to a subsequent "Past Examples" section, also in chronological order of date of first publication, and link to Internet Archive versions of the links as of their dates of publication, thus hopefully demonstrating how the examples worked when they were originally published.
  • If there are merely individual dead links in an example, please replace them with links to the Internet Archive as of the time of publication of those links (consider checking the page history for when the links were originally added, and use that date of change as the date to lookup in the Internet Archive)