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sustainability is a principle and set of practices usually about making sure that something is environmentally low or non-impactful, from technology (like green computing), to corporate and personal practices (choice of energy provider, minimizing flights).

How to

How to for IndieWebCamps

If you are organizing an IndieWebCamp and have sponsors for or are planning to sponsor some meals, please strongly consider only sponsoring vegetarian (with vegan options) meals. Recent IndieWebSummits have done so to set a good example accordingly.



Environmental impact of IndieWebCamp

Some organizations publish details on how they plan to reduce their collective impact on the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. Consider the environmental impact over all aspects of IndieWebCamps and other events at the planning stage. This could include:

Venue and travel

  • Is the venue in a city with good public transport links?
  • Can the majority of attendees travel there easily and affordably by public transport without flying?
  • Does the event page inform attendees on how to get there without flying or driving?
  • Are there recycling options at the venue?
  • Does the venue use energy efficiently?


  • Are there other conferences/events on adjacent dates to IndieWebCamps that attendees maybe able to combine as part of their visit to reduce travel?

Equipment and stationery

  • Are name tags and other materials such as signage and "sticky" notes reusable?


  • What meal options are there, if any, e.g vegetarian / vegan?
  • If provided, are napkins, plates, cups and cutlery reusable or biodegradable?

Remote participation

  • Is remote participation available, is it reliable and fully accessible to latest WCAG standards?
  • Remote participation can help to mitigate the environmental impact of events for attendees wanting to participate from other countries, regions or states.

Communication and data collection

  • Are attendees and co-organizers fully aware of environmental impact consideration both before and during events?
  • Consider surveying at each event how people have travelled there.

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