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environmental impact is a summary page describing that person (or entity’s) effect on the environment, often with annual metrics sometimes as part of a broader annual report, and or describing their daily (or recent) activities and practices that effect the environment, typically with an intent to reduce or minimize such effects.

IndieWeb Examples

Amy Guy

Amy Guy has documented some of her practices to reduce and minimize personal environmental impact in her blog post:

Corporate Examples

Some corporations publish their environmental impact statements on their website, sometimes called ”sustainability”. Alphabetical by name:

Posts About



Possible tools for helping compute some aspects of your environmental impact:

  • http://myfootprintcalculator.com/
    • awaiting reports of IndieWeb Experience with this tool.
  • WWF Footprint calculator - for the UK.
    • Good: starts with diet as the first question! Meh: omits "pescetarian" option. Eating fish != "meat very rarely". The impacts of (different kinds of) fishing are very different from industrial meat production. Ironically the illustration for the diet question has a fish on a plate: cartoon graphic of a whole fish with visible tail with lemon slices on a plate
  • https://calculator.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx
    • Focuses on transport, and unfortunately the more significant food (meat eating) and clothing impacts are buried in a mislabeled or at best misframed "Secondary carbon footprint calculator".
  • Ecopassenger, by the International Railways Union UIC (Europe only)
    • Sole focus on travel emissions, but one of the more advanced calculators with selection of specific trains, incl. modes of electricity generation etc.


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