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A health and safety policy is a document that describes the guidelines and approaches an event, organization, or individual will take to maintain the health and safety of people, and most recent in-person IndieWebCamps have had various policies and rules to help mitigate the spread of illness.


It is important for organizers to have policies in place that mitigate the spread of illness, an important part of accessibility.

Attending an in-person event today brings with it significantly more risk than it did in 2019 when robust mitigations are not in place.

Those risks disproportionately harm communities who were already marginalized and underrepresented, and present a barrier to access for people with disabilities, chronic illness, caregivers, people who are otherwise at high risk, and those who live with them.

Public Health Pledge


See some past notes: IndieWebCamp_Organizing#Health_and_Safety

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gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill set up a personal health and safety policy page 2024-02-18:

Previously wrote about and drafted in:

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